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  1. Thanks Tigers..well for feeling the blues season and thanks Dan and Jim for a great season
  2. I decline btw - I didn't care about people making fun of my gifs... never claim they were much I was most known for pointing out guys who hit 40k posts should not be jerks to new members (defended said new members), then I was told by many that the 40k posters might be jerks, but they were 'our jerks' turn up the am for another Tigers victory
  3. One take away.. that some probably don't like.. they kept the streak going to 25 and if in 10 years the streak is 35, with maybe 2-3 Stanley Cups... you know that there has to be lean years, but you hope the lean lean wasn't a horrible last place.. which there hasn't been. This wasn't a great year.. but not sure who wants horrible.....
  4. Such a strange pretense as a fan. you kind of know the Wings are not Stanley Cup Contenders, but you don't want them to lose.. and you definately don't want the game to end the season with one shot
  5. Wow, the game day for nhl, showed the period ended 2-1, but I come back a few moments later and it is tied... wow
  6. Just before that Wings Penalty, sounded like the radio station turned up the volume on the audience
  7. hold em wings if they get that goal back in this period... it will be dire
  8. Hard to figure out which losing score I want to listen to.... Tigers losing 5-0
  9. This what I fear... and have felt about the wings most of the season
  10. Not sure why Tamp would give want to give the Wings a reason to be on fire In the end, seems like the Tamps behavior should have a penalty consequence in game four
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