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  1. I remember when this was such an exciting time in Tiger Land. Sigh.
  2. Tucker Carlson is a misinformation spreading ****. Had some lunatic on tonight saying that vaccines will make the pandemic worse. Just ******* ignorance. But what do you expect from the Republican propaganda network. Bunch of stupid mother ****ers.
  3. Really into Jason Isbell, Margo Price and that whole scene. This music gets to my soul. Just great stuff.
  4. You all believing in all those elitist scientists with their fancy book-learnin' degrees is shameful. My uncle Bob read on Infowars that this is all a Chinese conspiracy to get them nasty Demonrats elected to office. Always believe in Bob.
  5. Texas Republicans are *****. Actually, all Republicans are *****.
  6. Very comical when right wingers try to get upset over something like this but not bat an eyelash at the horrendous **** the previous president did the last four years.
  7. I'm partial to the guy that thought Dombrowski was looking at him.
  8. The Tigers are two seasons away from 100 wins. I mean, when combining both seasons.
  9. I now can say I know someone who died of Covid. A truck driver I've known for a couple years that came to my shop. He passed away this past weekend. 35 years old and seemed healthy. Left behind a wife and two kids. Kinda' shocked me. I mean, I was just talking to the guy a couple weeks back and now he is gone. So surreal. This **** is no joke.
  10. Mankind took me until the third episode to get hooked. "Nixon's Women" was the neame of the episode. The first season has a Mad Men feel to it.
  11. Does wishing Biden "Good health" sound like a threat?
  12. We recently started The Expanse and For All Mankind. Both shows are just amazing.
  13. Absolutely. The same is true with picking patterns on the acoustic. Just take a break or wait until the next day and it's like your brain just needed a rest.
  14. A beauty. Yeah, I love blue guitars.
  15. Here they are in the back of my shop. I can let loose here without having the cops called.
  16. I started playing in November of 2019. I now own a Martin acoustic and just bought a Fender stratocaster. I absolutely still suck, but damn I love it. I am angry at myself for not taking up guitar a long time ago. Good job, Biff.
  17. I know what I would love to happen to Vlad. It involves a lamppost.
  18. Yeah, In was thinking the same thing. And I have a weakness for redheads. Lordy.
  19. You know, going back four years, I felt like it was the end of the world when this guy got elected. Then, after calming down I thought "No, the Republicans will keep him in check" but we all saw how that went. This has been the most damaging four years to our country in my lifetime. Trump has managed something ISIS in their wildest dreams never could have hoped for.....he radicalized tens of millions of Americans. I honestly believe this is only the beginning of attacks on our country. From inside.
  20. I'm good. It was a bit rough but I'm pretty much 100% now. Definitely don't ever want to go though that again. Thanks for your concern.
  21. Little over a week into covid and I feel better. Still have a fever and a massive headache all the damn time, but overall doing better.
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