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  1. Rogers has to catch up here a lot going forward. We know what they have in GG and Ramos is a hitter first and foremost.
  2. splitter gets ev of 64.6 mph and a double play. Throw it more.
  3. They are eviscerating Kikuchi's pitches. It's either a walk or a high ev outcome.
  4. Wipes out Seager...pitch angry dude.
  5. i think you worry about guys at the top of the minors. Although they don't have many premium talents aside from Greene and Manning The guys at WM and Lakeland need a lot of time to develop. No point worrying about them. The problem we have is that all the prospects aren't going to be good major leaguers under team control at once. It's going to be a staggered process. A smart gm would know where the contending and aging curves line up and act accordingly.
  6. Perez re-signed to their roster. Robson is 27 and played in Toledo in 2019 fwiw. I read these puff pieces on him and Kreidler and hearken back to what I heard on the byb podcast. Erie has a lot of 3A players who are way overage for that level. They are going to bash their way through the eastern league but none aside from Greene are real prospects. The rotations beyond Manning are very scarce for real pitching prospects...I believe the whole rebuild hinges on Manning, mize, and Skubal all being elite at the same time. What are the odds that works out?
  7. 5 wins on the homestand is best case...the road trip will deliver some pain.
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