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  1. And Campbell doesn't sound delusional about the comeback. He basically said after the game they have little talent and need to win on the margins. Know you aren't very good and you'll win 4-5 games strictly on effort.
  2. Goff was captain checkdown with the Rams...this is part him and the worst wr group in the league:
  3. Decker has been ruled out. He injured his finger in a pass pro drill. Campbell said he will be need surgery.
  4. For one year, I can't believe they would cheap out on a guy like Barnhart. Haase is not a good defender so they need a really good option.
  5. Tough, tough break for the organIzation:
  6. They have enough bullpen guys as is. But the starters haven't gone deep into games. That's part protection and part implosions by Urena, bad Boyd, etc.
  7. Harold Castro just hit a ball 447 feet. 2nd homer in two days.
  8. I don't see it as a punishment for Manning. The only way he's going to learn is by gutting through it and trying to find a fix. They are basically doing real time development.
  9. Gonna be a short day for Manning unfortunately.
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