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  1. I think the issue is that they put all of this and next years eggs in one or two baskets. Sure this draft is good but you could say that of any team that trades future assets to get top 5 at 2 positions, and there are some that didn’t even have to trade to get two top 5’s. I don’t think they should consider the team’s needs or dismiss the spending of future draft capital when grading the draft. The Bears got the 4th QB and 5th OL selected. Maybe they will turn out to be the best at their position in which case thIs will be a great draft. But on the surface they sold their future to swing for the fences in this draft.
  2. Well you see, when you have the same number of points as another that is called a tie. If based strictly off of the numbers then it’s very hard to justify one over the other. Therefore if the 7th and 8th have the same score then they are in fact tied for 7th.
  3. Barring a trade we are sitting out the next 2 rounds. Maybe someone’s kid has a baseball game so they traded out of 5 and 6 to cut out early.
  4. Maybe they just followed their board for the first 3 rounds. Isn’t that everyone wants them to do? So either you question their ability to evaluate players or you want them to ignore their evaluation and draft for need.
  5. I’d rather have the 8th best DL over the 3rd best WR if the DL is a better player than the WR.
  6. How does the board know anything about any of these players? From amateur internet scouts. The professionals are disagreeing with the amateurs. Of course the professionals are wrong more than they are right, but which do you think is right more often?
  7. TP ranting aside this pick is probably going to turn out to be a bad player because it's a 3rd round pick and there aren't a ton of 3rd rounders that turn out. But as a large body he may fill a roll for a little while.
  8. Strong but sawed-off, with stubby arms.
  9. "The 52nd pick had belonged to the Bears before they traded it to the Panthers earlier on Friday." Browns trade up to select Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah at No. 52 Would be really funny if JOK ends up better than Fields. EDIT: I know it's not related to the Fields trade, just would be funny.
  10. How far will JOK fall? He is highly ranked on all the amateur sites.
  11. Right? The Lions passed on playmakers like Josh Doctson and Laquon Tredwell. In all seriousness I thought Doctson was going to be good.
  12. Hotter take, all 3 won't be good.
  13. PFT has us taking Parsons with Lance, Jones, Waddle and Smith falling.
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