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  1. It is very addictive and playing in a league with some great guy's. If you are a baseball junkie and I would bet you are if you are reading this in midwinter then this game and league of mostly tigers fans is for you.
  2. Just keep it as is. But I do think there should be 27 man rosters. With a max of 14 pitchers
  3. Anyone figure out how many hot and readys need to be sold to pay for our new left fielder? I am ready to help knock that number down a few
  4. Pick 28 Cameron maybin come revive your career as tigers c.f. and my AAT
  5. masterson owns a house just outside indianapolis. thats a 5 hr drive to detroit. he could be the 5th starter tigers end up signing.
  6. he still won 15 last yr. his pitching style ages well
  7. what about old man mark buehrle? he just keeps going and should be a decent cheap 5th starter who would go for a 1 yr contract.
  8. if they o to electronic calls which i hate as a idea, then they need to zap the player when he gets strike outs. now that would make the players not leave the bat on their shoulder.
  9. I think this was decided well before the fire sale. Daves contract was up and not renewed for a reason. I think he had a typical mike I renewal type deal where he could renew if he wanted. I think he decided this was his last year and al was going to take over with a clean slate. Thats why we had so many last yr contract guys. It was a last shot at title. When it was seen that wasnt going to happen he stayed to help with the trades because a new gm would be seen as raw meat by other gms and al would have had difficulty vs dave as gm. It was then decided al was ready and didnt need dave so they announced it now.
  10. I predict a current mets outfielder and a current nats starter will be back in english d's next yr.
  11. Prince? You mean cecil.. Prince was a kid back then and not tradable by law of the land.
  12. I would hope if dd leaves thry promote from within and al avila is next gm.
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