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  1. Doesn’t sound like the hype MLB has been advertising. Originally appeared in the LA Times Begin article- Angels minor leaguers describe 'deeply disturbing' conditions that cause some to quit Jack Harris Fri, July 23, 2021, 10:17 PM In his role as executive director of Advocates for Minor Leaguers, Harry Marino has learned to rate the way players are treated within each of Major League Baseball’s 30 organizations on a grim spectrum. “Really bad to truly terrible,” he said. When it came to the Angels, who had several distressed minor-league players reach out to the organization this season, the stories Marino and his colleagues heard put the club at the worst end of that scale. “[They] were deeply disturbing to us, as I’m sure they were to anyone who read them,” Marino said in a phone call Friday, adding, “It’s really disturbing in terms of what it reveals about how the Angels feel about their minor-league players.” Marino’s organization released on Thursday a collection of anonymous quotes from Angels minor leaguers describing the dire living conditions many of them faced this year, including stories of players sleeping in their cars, on makeshift beds in team clubhouses, or in overcrowded houses and hotels that they struggle to afford. On Friday, two Angels prospects — Kieran Lovegrove of Class AA Rocket City and Shane Kelso, who retired after playing part of the season in Class A because of the financial burden he said he faced — spoke to ESPN about their situations and criticized the club. “By no means is this an Angels-only problem,” Marino said. “But yeah, this is pretty extreme.” Angels general manager Perry Minasian released a statement Friday afternoon vowing to address the situation. “What is being reported is unacceptable, and we will look into it and address it,” Minasian said. Marino said public recognition of the problem is only the first step, calling on the Angels and other clubs to enact immediate changes to help their minor-league players, from taking care of housing to implementing improved year-round pay. “These are not outlandish requests,” Marino said. “Minor-league baseball players are not asking to be treated glamorously. They’re asking to receive the bare minimum, really; to be treated with a modicum of dignity and respect.” Advocates for Minor Leaguers was formed last year by current and former players — Marino played in the Baltimore Orioles’ and Arizona Diamondbacks’ systems — concerned about the treatment of minor leaguers, who do not have a union. Marino said the organization has found that most minor leaguers make less than $15,000 per year and get paid only seasonally, usually going unpaid during spring training and extended spring training. It also is up to most players to find housing during the season. In the past, host families in minor league communities helped. But with that option not currently available for most players because of the pandemic, they’ve been forced to scramble for other arrangements. “Major league teams would rather have their players have housing insecurity — have no place to sleep, sleep in the clubhouse, sleep in their cars, pay more than they’re making per two weeks on a hotel or apartment — than take on that responsibility themselves,” Marino said. “The absence of host families has revealed how these teams prioritize their own players and care about their own players. It’s really disturbing.” Marino also noted the mental health toll such obstacles place on players. “It’s really problematic,” he said. “These things need to be fixed immediately.” So where would Marino like to see the Angels start? “Teams need to start taking care of housing their minor league players during the season, full stop,” he said. “Secondarily, teams need to stop forcing players to provide periods of work for free.” Marino called extended spring training, where minor-leaguers train when they haven’t been assigned to one of their club’s affiliates, “the most egregious” example of players working without pay. He noted that the San Francisco Giants, Boston Red Sox and New York Mets changed their policies and provided back pay to players for those periods. “The Angels need to do that as soon as possible,” Marino said. Marino said his organization has longer-term ideas that they think will improve players' quality of life. But they want to see the most basic of requests met first. This week’s stories from Angels minor leaguers were the latest troubling reminder of how far some teams have to go. “Just because something has always been a certain way doesn’t mean it always will be a certain way,” Marino said. “We’ve seen that across a range of issues in our culture in the past few years. And I’m confident that this system of treatment for minor league baseball players is going to change. It needs to change. And players will not be satisfied until it changes. The owners have a real problem on their hands if they are committed to the old way of doing things.” This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.
  2. I don’t believe it can be soon enough.
  3. You guys are probably missing something Al saw and we don’t know about. What does the kid’s mom look like?
  4. The Tigers have 36 wins through 81 games, exactly halfway home. I don’t think mid 70’s is out of reach. Avila’s actions at the deadline as well as Mize and Skubal having their innings reduced will bear on this some I’m sure. As long as they don’t repeat April I can stand it.
  5. I tried to avoid the Sputnik vaccine as well.
  6. IMHO, Pfizer is the best one out there. My wife got the Pfizer.
  7. I received the two Moderna shots back in Jan/Feb. So I guess one could argue that it is possible to survive for up to four months post vaccination.
  8. Hope they void his contract for being an idiot? So I’ve tried to brush up on the latest buzz regarding this story. I have not seen a piece of concrete evidence that has been presented by anyone anywhere to this point that would warrant labeling him, beyond the shadow of a doubt, guilty. Perhaps he is, but there is nothing but allegations and denials to this point that I personally read about. If you are aware of a specific ‘anything’ that would make this an open and shut case, please cite it. I’m not trying to be difficult. It sounds like everyone on this board is ready to convict, sentence, and execute the guy today! I understand the guy is a controversial personality as judged by some people. But the tone of most of the posts are surprising considering the investigation is still underway.
  9. Dan commented on this last night. I believe his window of reference was from 2015, not sure about that. I don’t recall him saying the Tigers were 50 games under though. That number is brutal if true. Whatever period Dan was referring to the Tigers only had won seven games versus the Tribe. Pretty sure his comments were specific to games played in Cleveland. Whatever the case, those guys own the Tigers.
  10. Tonight we get Mud Hen Manning. He’s learning though so it’s all good.
  11. Bullpen time. Manning’s magic has disappeared.
  12. I’d be happy if Verlander could be a .500 fourth starter. I just don’t know that he will ever see himself that far down in a rotation. I think he’ll come back much better than that though.
  13. Based strictly on winning percentage, the Tigers are currently in third place in the division. The St. Louis Cardinals are only three games better than Detroit at this point in the standings. The Cardinals are struggling lately. If one of the “Big 3” start, we’ve got a chance. Otherwise, not so much.
  14. I listened to the Giants/Angels game after the Tigers game ended. Jon Maddon made a bad decision in this game. He used his backup catcher, Max Stassi, as a PH in the latter part of the game so he was unavailable after pinch hitting. The starting catcher, Kurt Suzuki ends up getting injured in extra innings and can’t continue. Their emergency catcher is Taylor Ward, the starting left fielder. So he goes behind the plate and Griffin Canning, a pitcher, comes off the bench to play LF in Ward’s spot. Ward did some catching in the minors, fortunately. As I recall, it took the Giants three extra innings before they ever advanced the runner on second base that starts the inning. It was a bizarre game to say the least.
  15. Big win. Manning gets gets his first Win. Fun day at the old ball park.
  16. I love that the Tigers are actually stealing some bases. Daz is having a week.
  17. Dan must have read your comment. He’s chatting him up now.
  18. Hats off to Rogers for actually executing an advance of the runners.
  19. I agree with Dan and Jim here. I don’t think you’re going to get much for him. Then again, the Tigers aren’t going anywhere this year so why not try to move him. And, I don’t have any confidence in Al. Interesting situation. Al says he’s looking to make trades that will help win now. this will be entertaining.
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