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  1. A more realistic question. Does Al Avila make it to Memorial Day 2022
  2. That Gibby and Jim Price are still making it to the booth most days is something to be grateful for.
  3. Does anyone want to speculate when the Tigers will put the remaining home games on sale for this season? They are selling seats through the end of June but it is still limited seating. As bad as this team is I’d possibly consider getting there for a series later in the year. There are good seats on stubhub for some games later in the but I don’t know how that would mix with limited seating.
  4. That Fulmer got a win in this one makes it pretty sweet. I am glad he is back to healthy after all the work he put in. Would be really nice to win this series tomorrow.
  5. This is what Manfred brings to the game, stupidity and cheap tricks.
  6. Fulmer is out of nowhere this year. I hope he can continue with whatever he discovered.
  7. It does seem that every time any player shows a bit of promise the reaction is to flip him for prospects. As noted earlier, Avila is never going to get the better end of a deal. It is a spiral to the bottom. Having him as a GM is a dead end.
  8. My only prediction in the preseason was that Grossman would be the Detroit sports writers MVP for this year.
  9. Well, the ace is struggling early. Two runs might do it.
  10. “...and with the sole exception of Matthew Boyd, the team’s pitching staff seems to be struggling mightily against all comers.” This comment is total BS! I stopped reading beyond this ill-informed blabber.
  11. I’m loving the fact that Avila’s incompetence is beginning to get the attention it deserves in the press. It’s still on Illitch to act. Like others, I regret the Tigers decided to get on a winning streak when they did, a Catch 22 deal. With this current streak nothing will happen to address the Avila situation anytime soon. The CBS piece was totally spot on.
  12. Turnbull gets a win as well. Four in a row...but who’s counting.
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