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  1. I don’t believe it can be soon enough.
  2. You guys are probably missing something Al saw and we don’t know about. What does the kid’s mom look like?
  3. The Tigers have 36 wins through 81 games, exactly halfway home. I don’t think mid 70’s is out of reach. Avila’s actions at the deadline as well as Mize and Skubal having their innings reduced will bear on this some I’m sure. As long as they don’t repeat April I can stand it.
  4. I tried to avoid the Sputnik vaccine as well.
  5. IMHO, Pfizer is the best one out there. My wife got the Pfizer.
  6. I received the two Moderna shots back in Jan/Feb. So I guess one could argue that it is possible to survive for up to four months post vaccination.
  7. Hope they void his contract for being an idiot? So I’ve tried to brush up on the latest buzz regarding this story. I have not seen a piece of concrete evidence that has been presented by anyone anywhere to this point that would warrant labeling him, beyond the shadow of a doubt, guilty. Perhaps he is, but there is nothing but allegations and denials to this point that I personally read about. If you are aware of a specific ‘anything’ that would make this an open and shut case, please cite it. I’m not trying to be difficult. It sounds like everyone on this board is ready to convict, sentence, and execute the guy today! I understand the guy is a controversial personality as judged by some people. But the tone of most of the posts are surprising considering the investigation is still underway.
  8. Dan commented on this last night. I believe his window of reference was from 2015, not sure about that. I don’t recall him saying the Tigers were 50 games under though. That number is brutal if true. Whatever period Dan was referring to the Tigers only had won seven games versus the Tribe. Pretty sure his comments were specific to games played in Cleveland. Whatever the case, those guys own the Tigers.
  9. Tonight we get Mud Hen Manning. He’s learning though so it’s all good.
  10. Bullpen time. Manning’s magic has disappeared.
  11. I’d be happy if Verlander could be a .500 fourth starter. I just don’t know that he will ever see himself that far down in a rotation. I think he’ll come back much better than that though.
  12. Based strictly on winning percentage, the Tigers are currently in third place in the division. The St. Louis Cardinals are only three games better than Detroit at this point in the standings. The Cardinals are struggling lately. If one of the “Big 3” start, we’ve got a chance. Otherwise, not so much.
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