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  1. Ken the Hawk Harrelson has never been the same since he was traded from the Boston Res Sox to the Oakland A'ss to the Cleveland Indians all in one week in 1968. It marred him for life!
  2. Richard the SAFE ones are in Macomb County, look up Roseville Michigan, then drive in, as far as downtown...not in this lifetime, and I have lived here in the area since 1956
  3. Sam's Club and Costco were selling it for $16.29 there were plenty copies left!!
  4. It does look like a flying Blue Jayin a blur to a drunk Canadian
  5. Derek, Thank God that you are not a Stock Broker !!!!
  6. Highschoolish id the Brown Family mentality
  7. True, the elder Sanders needs help, however we must look a little deeper into this situation, as to the exact cancer of this problem.....Fred Hueman !!! If these bottom feeding schlubs who call themselves sports journalist that give the attention to the William Sanders of this world, this situation would not have occured. You have to use some discretuion as to what you put into print, or in this case broadcast on the air, and Fred Hueman shows a poor taste in judgement as far as what he has put into his segments, which is why he is now in Lansing, and no longer working in the Detroit Metropolitan area. Re read the transscript, and tell me why Huemann fan the flames to give Sanders a spotlight, to air his views on Bobby Ross, Huemann knew what he was going after, and he was fishing more than the American Sportsman, I for one am glad that Hueman is no longer working in the Detroit area, because he maybe the ione who is also racist in his own way, if the man had common sense in the first place, being in the position he is in as a broadcast journalist, why would he even air the Sanders segments, once again Fat Freddy has solidified that he is the epitome of bad taste & poor judgement. Lansing, congratulations ! ! ! Fat Freddy is all yours!!! Detroit doesn't want him back either!! I hope that the station that he works for in Lansing wises up and rides him out on a rail, just as he hitchhiked from Detroit to Lansing, would you like Eli Zaret next?
  8. Longer than that ol' Yoda my amigo !!
  9. Then trade BONDERMAN to the TWINS or WHITE SOX
  10. Carson Palmer got his for free...because he wears it while he works....how many people are paying over $200. for the real one or $80.oo for the replica???
  11. Just how many Bengal jersey's do you see out there??? That is what I thought !!!
  12. Shop Mike McMahon......let's see if the Dolphin running game struggles...
  13. Should we start a poll as to how long this Bengals logo will last? The redesigned unis look nice, but their track record says it all, give this one three years ! ! !
  14. General Bobby Ross is not Racist and William Sanders is full of shyt. Ross would not have lasted as long and acheived the rank of Lt. Colonel in the United States Army, and would have been discharged many moons ago if he was racist. What we have here is a case of Wiliam Sanders trying to achieve his three minutes of glory, since Barry is once again in the limelight, the elder Sanders has Attention Deficit Disorder, and wants attention from the press, and this 90 seconds of fame. Would Ross have been a successful college coach if he was Racist, at Georgia Tech, Maryland, Army, inaddition to coaching the San Diego Chargers? Problem is that Ross is the head coach, and refused to Kiss Asz of the Sanders clan, especially Barry's dad who wanted to be treated like a Prima Donna since Barry came from his loins. William Sanders had no right to ride Barry's coat tails, and you why Barry was so off balanced in his own mind? If I was Bobby Ross, I would hire a good lawyer and sue the hell out of William Sanders & Fred Huemann. Did Huemann bait Sanders? General Bobby Ross is not Racist and William Sanders is full of shyt.
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