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  1. One of my most enduring memories of my grandfather is of his mantra while watching Lions games: "It's a new low."
  2. Well, Matt Stafford has given me far more to cheer for over the years than the Lions franchise has. And realistically, what is it going to take for the Rams to tank this year? Stafford injury, Donald injury, what else?
  3. Yes. And then I want him to make it to the Hall of Fame. Four more 4,000 yard passing seasons would put him just ahead of Dan Marino for sixth all time (or seventh or eighth, depending on Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers). If he won a Super Bowl and had one other long playoff run, that might be enough. But he could conceivably play six more seasons (or more) and put up 4,000 per season, which would put him over 70,000 yards, past Favre and Manning (the good one). And he could conceivably make it to the playoffs each season.
  4. It will be clear right away if it is working. There are a lot of guys on the staff who understand the media side of the game. As the losses mount, and they will, we will see if the leaks start.
  5. Could be. But even if this was the case, it should put to rest all the angst that welled up after the initial reports. This is not Quinn signing AP.
  6. Four days on Gurley and no action. (Thankfully.) Seems like if they were going to sign him they would have signed him, unless maybe they just wanted to gauge his availability and price point if someone happens to go down with an injury.
  7. Yeah, but there was also talk about getting Swift more than 12 touches a game. Also, I seem to recall that Lynn came out after the interview with The Athletic and said the A/B stuff wasn’t about ranking but about role.
  8. Amazing that he’s only 26, and has already been thought of as washed up for two years. Presumably part of coming in for a visit is an examination by team doctors. Holmes knows as well as anyone what Gurley’s been dealing with.
  9. I don’t think that’s exactly right. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/lions-oc-anthony-lynn-calls-jamaal-williams-an-a-back-heres-what-it-means-for-dandre-swift-in-2021/ https://www.prideofdetroit.com/2021/2/10/22277001/detroit-lions-coaches-confident-dandre-swift-3-down-back
  10. If all we have to look forward to as Lions fans next year is counting pancake blocks, well then LFG.
  11. “Everyone thinks...” Who cares what everyone thinks? In the NFL you have to strap up and physically conquer another man. I’m glad to see the Lions are finally accumulating players who can do this.
  12. Yes. I’m not saying an agent leaked this story, but if an agent leaked a story, this is what it would sound like. Also, the only guy with the story can’t confirm half of the story. Basically, this story communicates to recruits that nothing could pry Campbell away from Iowa State. And it communicates to bigger programs/NFL franchises, it’s gonna take 8/$68 to pry me away from Iowa State.
  13. It seems strange to me that a franchise that just pulled off a major overhaul of its football operations, bringing on a special assistant to the president in Spielman, a GM in Holmes, a special assistant to the GM in Dorsey, and a Head Coach in Campbell, had just offered more or less that entire job, for eight years, to one guy from a second rate college program. Doesn't mean it didn't happen but it would seem strange to me if they did make him that offer. I guess it is possible that Sheila wanted to take one home run swing at this, and whiffed, settling for the committee approach they've put together. But I'm a bit skeptical of the story.
  14. And traded for him twice.
  15. ya holmes shoulda got jonny unitas
  16. God this comment hurt my eyes to read.
  17. You’re right that Goff has been off. And you’re probably right that the Lions will finish with a high pick. But we will be having the same conversation about Goff next year. Is he good enough that the team could use its first (top five?) pick on a pass rusher and its first rounder from the Rams (and/or other high picks) to rebuild the WR corps? We all trust Brad Holmes, but sometimes we forget that Holmes has traded for Goff... twice. At the very least Holmes sees Goff as someone who has a high floor.
  18. Aaron Rodgers has five full seasons where his passer rating was less than 100. Matt Stafford has one season where it was greater than 100. Even if his ceiling is a passer rating of 100, a guy like Goff should not be taken for granted. Also, Todd Gurley’s two best seasons ranked #48 and #124 in yards from scrimmage all time. Pretty good, way better than I could have done, but it’s not like he was a generational talent. And having a great running back doesn’t necessarily translate to having a successful QB. Barry Sanders had the sixth best yards from scrimmage season ever, and Scott Mitchell finished with a passer rating less than 80. Chris Johnson had the best season of all time and Vince Young had a passer rating of 82.8 and the team finished at 8-8. I bet they would have liked to have Jared Goff over Vince Young. (Also, if the Titans had it to do over again I bet they would have picked D’Brickashaw Ferguson instead of Young.) Fans want lottery tickets, but lottery tickets don’t win games. Jared Goff has won games. Not from behind like Stafford, but he has won games.
  19. I’m not used to seeing Lions OL even make their blocks at the first level, let alone the second level. And here Sewell is crushing at the second level, like a linebacker hitting a ball carrier.
  20. 🤣🤣🤣 “Everything is fine.”
  21. Meh. Now I’ll have to talk to my in-laws.
  22. They wanted Sewell bad enough that they tried to trade into #4 to take him. (Unless they wanted to take Pitts! 😂)
  23. If the Lions get one nationally televised game all year (except for Thanksgiving) it will be against Stafford's Rams. But I feel like the chances of this are very low.
  24. Sheila: “Will you guys keep it down, I’m trying to make a phone call!” Was great to see their enthusiasm. Sewell is a kind of guy who doesn’t appear very often.
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