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  1. You’re right that Goff has been off. And you’re probably right that the Lions will finish with a high pick. But we will be having the same conversation about Goff next year. Is he good enough that the team could use its first (top five?) pick on a pass rusher and its first rounder from the Rams (and/or other high picks) to rebuild the WR corps? We all trust Brad Holmes, but sometimes we forget that Holmes has traded for Goff... twice. At the very least Holmes sees Goff as someone who has a high floor.
  2. Aaron Rodgers has five full seasons where his passer rating was less than 100. Matt Stafford has one season where it was greater than 100. Even if his ceiling is a passer rating of 100, a guy like Goff should not be taken for granted. Also, Todd Gurley’s two best seasons ranked #48 and #124 in yards from scrimmage all time. Pretty good, way better than I could have done, but it’s not like he was a generational talent. And having a great running back doesn’t necessarily translate to having a successful QB. Barry Sanders had the sixth best yards from scrimmage season ever, and Scott Mitchell finished with a passer rating less than 80. Chris Johnson had the best season of all time and Vince Young had a passer rating of 82.8 and the team finished at 8-8. I bet they would have liked to have Jared Goff over Vince Young. (Also, if the Titans had it to do over again I bet they would have picked D’Brickashaw Ferguson instead of Young.) Fans want lottery tickets, but lottery tickets don’t win games. Jared Goff has won games. Not from behind like Stafford, but he has won games.
  3. I’m not used to seeing Lions OL even make their blocks at the first level, let alone the second level. And here Sewell is crushing at the second level, like a linebacker hitting a ball carrier.
  4. 🤣🤣🤣 “Everything is fine.”
  5. Meh. Now I’ll have to talk to my in-laws.
  6. They wanted Sewell bad enough that they tried to trade into #4 to take him. (Unless they wanted to take Pitts! 😂)
  7. If the Lions get one nationally televised game all year (except for Thanksgiving) it will be against Stafford's Rams. But I feel like the chances of this are very low.
  8. Sheila: “Will you guys keep it down, I’m trying to make a phone call!” Was great to see their enthusiasm. Sewell is a kind of guy who doesn’t appear very often.
  9. The sad fact is that RBs are a dime a dozen, and they break down fast. So good for Holmes for picking up a guy in the 7th round. This more so makes me wonder about Holmes’s philosophy on the RB position. Holmes was the Rams Director of College Scouting when they used the 10th pick on Gurley. Would we see him use a 1st (or 2nd) round pick on a RB in the future? Did Gurley’s injury experience change his philosophy at all?
  10. Not so fast... https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/05/06/brad-holmes-kerryon-johnsons-status-with-lions-is-not-resolved/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  11. And Quinn traded a 4th to move up eight spots to get him. A lot of draft capital for a guy whose best skill was in pass protection.
  12. I just assumed they were adding Fells to the coaching staff.
  13. I don’t think you can compare McNeill and Tavai on athleticism. And what you’ve quoted above is two Lions bloggers who claim to have sources who know what was going on in two NFL draft rooms. Their sources should be taken with a massive grain of salt. Back then, these were the only hints that anyone else was interested in Tavai, who was an afterthought at best on most lists of draft prospects. But McNeill was widely expected to be taken early, and we have the Eagles GM confirming publicly that, yes, our guys wanted him so bad that they were angry at me for screwing it up.
  14. Kyle Meinke had a great draft recap: https://www.mlive.com/lions/2021/05/final-2021-nfl-draft-analysis-best-pick-biggest-risk-changes-from-previous-regime-whats-left-for-the-lions-to-do.html For my money, this was the most telling passage: “New coach Dan Campbell hopped on the team’s website and openly talked about how the draft technology they had inherited from the previous regime was from ‘the stone age.’ Yes, the stone age. That’s a direct quote from the new head coach.”
  15. And it probably would have been a good decision.
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