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  1. Kitna2Furrey getting mocked on a national media level now.... Big Lions Fan: Today's Victory Over The "Pathetic, Subpar" Cowboys Wasn't An Upset
  2. My .11 does, I too have been a member since 2002, my member number is 30, you are just south of 400. Tiger1983UK however has us both beat, he is member number 4 and has a PPD of .08.
  3. I have the same one as Shimna and would recommend it. Haven't had any problems with it so far, easy to use, everyone says they can hear me fine while I am talking on it and I can hear anyone who calls me clear as day. I think I got mine for around $50 so they aren't overly expensive by any means.
  4. Yea originally I thought I would get annoyed with it very quickly when I first got mouse gestures. But they are absolutely amazing, I don't really know how I could browse without them after having gotten used to them. I agree with Deleterious, I would kill anyone who got rid of my mouse gestures.
  5. I am contemplating or atleast tossing around the idea of getting a boat soon. Preferably something larger, that would be nice for fishing or partying or just a nice afternoon on the water, with possibly some tubing and whatnot. Was wondering if anyone had any good links for boat info, what the costs per year would be outside of just paying for the boat itself. Such as general maintence, docking fees ect... I know gas is going to be a PITA but they do have fairly large tanks from what I have seen and my friends/family will all chip in for gas when we go out on it. So any useful information or insight anyone has would be much appreciated.
  6. I think if they are going to do this interleague stuff, which I am on the fence about they should just have every team from each league play every other team from the other league in a rotation. That way you get the whole point of interleague play which is to see players in other leagues that you wouldn't normally get to see play. Plus putting a few seasons in between these "rivalry" might actually make them more of a rivalry and put a little more meaning in it for the fans. Say for instance with the brawl between the Cubs and Sox today, make fans wait two or three years for the teams to play again and the rivalry will be brewing. However fans can just think oh well we are going to see them again later this year when interleague play starts again. Just my $.02.
  7. I really can't stand Rod Allen at all, like his little in-game one liners can be amusing and I do chuckle at them every now and then. But as far as actually commentating on the game goes, he says the same thing over and over and over. It is like listening to the commentary for a video game, eventually you just start hearing the same stuff over and over. I am not a Mario fan either, I really wouldn't mind seeing both of them gone. Obviously I miss Kaline and Kell but damn I really miss Josh Lewin too, that guy was great, loved listening to him every game and still really enjoy listening to him when I catch him on national tv.
  8. Click your user name and view your own public profile, the last number in the address line of the url, that's your member number.
  9. Yea I probably could have worded it a little better, but I figured I would get some humorous replies. Member number is the order in which you joined the website.
  10. Actually you are #200 but that was still a pretty damn funny response.
  11. I am member number 30, what about the rest of you?
  12. I don't mind using my cell phone while driving, at a ball game or whatever, but I keep all conversations under 3 minutes, unless I am either A. By myself and not in public, the rest of the world doesn't need to know my business or B. Talking about something that merits a longer phone call, such as providing someone who is lost driving directions to where I am at.
  13. Don't really lurk here that much anymore, still visit daily though, but my favorites from back in the day were in no particular order TTF, DTrop, PanzerElite, Vas, Biff, MCO, Doc Cobweb, BiD, and KingLouieLouie.
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