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  1. In fact Love is getting more rebonds per game than Oden who is considered a rookie.
  2. The Mayo and Love comparison is like 95% of the comparisons made of NBA players and is based almost entirely on scoring and flash. 95% of all basketball fans and even writers rate a player's ability on their ability to score and how flashing they are without regard to their overall game. Ricky Rubio was recipient of this type of analysis when right after the Olympics he was considered to be the #1 pick in next year's draft. Right now he isn't considered even a lottery pick by some and certainly no one of any merit currently has him as the top pick anymore.
  3. They are different type players. Mayo wil be an all star and Love will be an all star. Love is the leading rebounder among all rookies and has a significantly higher rebouding rate than Superman had in his rookie year. Love's shooting percentage will improve. Right now he is averaging 8.7 points and 8.3 rebounds in only 24 mpg He will definitely be a 20 - 12 guy. Who will be better Mayo or Love? I would wait 5 years before making that call.
  4. Yes they were a leading indicator of the downturn and will be a leading indicator of the upturn. I am not saying that we are at the bottom but only asking are we nearing the bottom. I will post the leading indicator index for Nov tomorrow after it is released and that mayl give us a little better idea. Here are its numbers starting in July Jun------ minus 0.1% Jul-------minus 0.7% Aug------minus 0.5% Sep----- plus 0.3% Oct----- minus 0.8% Nov-----(consensus is minus 0.5%) actual ?????
  5. The Mortgage application index is a leading indicator. Tomorrow the leading Indicators index for the month will be reported. The consensus is for a -0.5 change. I think that there is a bit more to go time wise but my sense of if is that the ecomomy should start to pick up sometime in 2009 during the second half of the year at the latest. http://www.mortgagebankers.org/NewsandMedia/PressCenter/66745.htm
  6. A chance tonight Wed 12/17/08 to breakeven against the worthless Wiz. After this game the schedule the remainder of December will give everyone a little better idea of whether the lottery beckons. The Thunder are playing better but the Pistons should be able to handle them at home. The rest of the games this month will be decidely more difficult. In January the schedule gets a lot harder. Trade Amir now.
  7. That is probably why he didn't play in the 4th quarter.
  8. Inverson Unfortunately the Pistons will probably keep him for the rest of this season and then not resign him. $20 million cap space and maybe a lottery pick. Is it worth it? Only time will tell
  9. I sure hope the Pistons don't resign this clown. http://basketball.realgm.com/src_wiretap_archives/56034/20081216/iverson_fined_for_comments_made_to_spectator/#
  10. If the Pistons could find a taker for Cheikh Samb then they can find someone who will trade for Johnson and play him. Tweener not - 6'11" No Shooting skills not - Shooting over 50% from outside the paint Little Strength not - He is definitely stornger than Prince and Pau Gasol. Weak MTM defenser not - When he plays the Pistons give up 20 fewer points per 48 mintues then when he doesn't. He can play 25 -30 minutes without fouling out and will continue to get better with more playing time The problem with Amir is very simple. He is not the brightest guy in the world so he has a real problem playing for intellectual coaches like Curry and Sauders who worry more about how a player grades out then his over impact on the game. Johnson's impact on the court has always been extremely positive inspite of his inexperience. If you go back and look at the games over the last 2 years in which he has played at least 10 minutes in the first 3 quarters you will hard pressed to find more than a handful out of maybe 60 games that the Pistons were outscored when he was on the court. When you look at Dyess by comparison the Pistons are almost always outscored when he plays especially this year. Trade Amir now.
  11. You can lead a potential star to the Wells But you can't make him drink the kool-aid
  12. If Amir is going to get traded my preferences in order would be 1. Clippers - My preferred local team. 2. Lakers - Renunited with his high school running mate Trevor Ariza. 3. Spurs - Pop wanted to sign him in 2007. Pop would let him shoot the 3 ball which Amir can make. 4. Nuggets - Looking for another big and be reunited with Mr. Smooth. 5. Knicks - D'Antoni loves to run 6. Grizzlies - Very young and pretty talented up and coming team. 7. Thunder - It would be interesting to see him on the court with Durant, Westbrook and J. Green who is now putting up some pretty big numbers at the #3. All young run and gun guys. 8. Trail Blazers - The team of the future? in the NBA. Lots of exteme talent there but they need a big backup for Aldridge and Amir is a better player than Channing Frye, LA's current backup. That is just a personal preference. I doubt Joe D. would trade within the Division.
  13. I see this is on the Detroit Pistons thread and not the NBA thread. Is Theus about to replace Curry as head coach for the Pistons? Or is it because people read the Pistons thread a lot more than they do the NBA thread? "If one is going to successfully advertise you have to have an audience"
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