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  1. This answered a lot of my questions: BLS Big Ballpark Review: Detroit's Comerica Park http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/blog/big_league_stew/post/BLS-Big-Ballpark-Review-Detroit-s-Comerica-Park?urn=mlb,90266
  2. Thank you. Those links were helpful. We're staying at the Motor City Casino... Is that place alright? I'm assuming we can park there and catch a cab to Nemos before the game and then get a cab to Mexicantown later from the hotel or ballpark for dinner? In terms of Mexicantown, what is the best option? I've been to Xochimilco, which at least seems like a safe option, though it's been a number of years.
  3. Finally getting to my first game at Comerica! Just picked up tickets for the GF and I for the June 29 afternoon game against the Rockies. Seats are in the On-Deck Circle of Section #122, which supposedly grants us access to the Tiger's Den and Cigar Bar... Some questions: - What are the best food options for before and during the game? I'm planning on getting there right at 11am so we can catch some BP, explore and get something to eat before the game. - Inside the stadium what are the can't miss areas to check out and things to see? - I used to like to visit the establishments surrounding Tiger Stadium for a post-game drink or two...What's the scene like for that outside Comerica? - We will probably stay in Detroit that evening so we can grab dinner at Xochimilco and not have to worry about dealing with traffic right after the game/ driving later. What are the best hotel options for that plan?
  4. I know it's inevitable and that it has to happen, but it's still heartbreaking.
  5. It was exactly what the team needed. What was most amazing was how the entire team seemed to come to the same realization as it was unfolding. Their collective competitive juices went from 0 to 60 in an instant.
  6. Thanks. That is a great episode. I seem to have a lot of "Larry David" moments... BTW I noticed your avatar. I'm a Giants fan as well.
  7. Thank you! HATE the Jays. My favorite player of all time is Lance Parrish...
  8. Agree with kpking, the Skydome does suck. Though it is bearable when the roof is open (which it won't be this weekend). In terms of tips/ hints, depends what kind of vibe and price bracket you want. Do you want to do dinner/ drinks or touristy stuff?
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