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  1. Can we just send Lowe to AAA already? He's making Jose Mesa's time in Detroit look good.
  2. Too many threads quickly devolve into the longtime posters poking back and forth at each other or simply posting snark and wiseass comments. It becomes a chore wading through 40 posts of bullcrap and spam to find those few rare gems posted by someone. Honestly I'd rather read the blogs since they have more on-topic content and witty humor than MTS these days. Didn't used to be that way. This place used to be the best destination for insightful content and in-depth discussion. It just isn't really anymore. The best prospect info is elsewhere. The best saber stuff is elsewhere and on Lee's blog. What does MTS do better than the blogs? Whine in GDT's? Personally I got tired of some of the long timers constantly ridiculing posts they don't agree with instead of actually trying to have a worthwhile discussion. Far too many vet posters it seems like haven't posted anything productive to a discussion in months.
  3. TStar


    I love Castellanos as much as the next guy but he has no chance whatsoever to be ROY. Because the voters refuse to modernize the rule that defines what a 'rookie' is he'll finish at best a distant third to Tanaka and Abreu in the voting because they are considered rookies just like Nomo was back in the day.
  4. I'll give ya 2 dime bags, some shrooms and a 2 liter of Pepsi for Coke be it liquid, solid, or gas (can) variety.
  5. Phil Coke, the new Jason Grilli
  6. If Porcello keeps pitching the way he's been lately he'll be in playoff rotation, not the pen.
  7. This is the Ryan Perry draft all over again lol
  8. Cards have another pick coming up so they might take a chance on Stanek. Seems like they are in position to nab a falling player.
  9. Maybe pay off Don Kelly to get those pics of Dombrowski and Leyland he's stashing?
  10. They'll both stay and be re-signed. Can you name 1 star player from the Tigers or Red Wings under the Ilitch era they wanted to keep but couldn't? Closest I can come up with is Fedorov, and Ilitch didn't really want to keep him (if the stories I hear are true).
  11. I would. Then I'd immediately sell the contract to the Novosibirsk Huskies of the Siberian Baseball League. Maybe all the snow can help contain the gas can he's become.
  12. Because the offseason is too long, and any reason to poke fun at the Twins is worth it. Baseball Video Highlights & Clips | DET@MIN: Cecil Fielder steals his first base - Video | MLB.com: Multimedia
  13. Blows my mind that a guy wins the Triple Crown for the first time in forever and he won't even get on the cover of any of the video games lol
  14. I know it doesn't mean anything really, but it would be kinda lame for a dude to win a Triple Crown and MVP and not even be able to grace the video game covers lol. Someone needs to post this up somewhere than Venezuelans can see it. They'll rock the vote like you wouldn't believe lol
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