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  1. Apparently the Rocket is a new feature of the MB software and is an indicator of a person's rank level on MotownSports.com. Since everyone on MotownSports is currently ranked the same level (MotownSports Fan), everyone gets a rocket. It would be up the the admin if they want to change it (the rocket icon) to something else or setup various new rank levels (each with its own icon) beyond the single one I setup originally.
  2. Font colors need to be fixed a bit for links and menu items. Text listed on the blue bars isn't noticeable right now since the it is showing up as black (instead of white) on a dark blue bar. Small tweaks with the default theme is all that seems to be an issue at this point.
  3. It was probably Ernie's in Clinton Township. He's always on the news bitching... https://www.facebook.com/ernies.med/
  4. Happy 21st Anniversary to MotownSports.com who is celebrating their 21st year of operations today, May 15, 2021!
  5. 14 years ago today... Not forgotten.
  6. Oh **** yeah! The cord pull on my gas trimmer is the worst and was a main reason I switched from that to a battery powered trimmer. The snow blower was no easy chore in the cold of winter as well. Now I push a button and go.
  7. Yes, but mine is rather lazy and would have a tough time cutting it to my near impossible standards. I like crisp lines and a straight pattern in my lawn. It's hard to accomplish that with one hand gripping a cell phone.
  8. While the EGO snow blower is not a silent machine, IMO it is significantly quieter than my previously snow blower. On a winter morning, I can hear people a street or two over snow blowing their driveway or sidwealks... I'm sure the same can't be said of me when I'm out there now.
  9. I believe the stated run time on the mower is 60 minutes for a full battery charge. My yard takes about that amount of time to cut and I have yet to run out of battery power before finishing. Typically I have enough charge left to take out the battery and use it to power my blower to clean off the driveway and sidewalks. I typically do not use the bag when cutting, except late in the season when I'm trying to pick up leaves in addition to grass clippings. I mostly run it using the mulcher. My mower came with one battery and my snow blower (which uses the same size battery) came with two. So I have three batteries that I can switch through my mower if needed. However, I haven't needed to do this as I've always finished with the first battery.
  10. I agree with this. My EGO lawn mower is self propelled, but I hardly ever engage it. I find it very light and easy to push, so I don't often bother to use that feature.
  11. Home Depot no longer sells EGO (although there may be some clarence items at select HD stores). Lowes is now the main reseller along with Ace Hardware stores and Amazon. https://www.protoolreviews.com/is-ego-going-national-with-outdoor-power-tools/ I personally love the EGO tools and have several including the blower, string trimmer, hedge trimmer, lawn mower and snow blower. The lawn mower replaced a gas powered Honda lawn mower that I hated... I just never felt I got a good cut with the Honda mower and often had to double cut to get the result I wanted. I don't have to double cut with my EGO, but do find with the single blade version I have that the mulching capabilities are not the best. The current version of the lawn mower comes with two blades and the mulching has been much improved from what I hear. May have to upgrade in a couple years. The EGO snow blower is also great and is ultra quiet compared to my old gas powered Honda snowblower. I wouldn't feel the least bit quilty starting it up at 5:00am to do the driveway before leaving for work. You wouldn't catch me doing that with my old snow blower in fear of pissing off all the neighbors. The one minor issue I have with the snow blower is it has a plastic scraper bar underneath to help clear a clean path, which it does a great job of doing. However, it often catches on the seams in the driveway or sidewalk which can be very jolting when not expecting it. All the other told have been great also. Love the cordless hedge trimmer which makes that job much easier and safer. No fear of accidentally cutting the power cord with it! The only drawback or issue I have had with the EGO tools is one of my smaller capacity batteries has gone bad and only holds a couple minutes of charge. In all honesty, I'm not the best at maintaining my batteries so I probably have only myself to blame for it shortened lifespan. But they are costly to replace, so it's something I need to be better with. Overall, I have been very happy since switching from my gas powered tools.
  12. I'm in, so please sign up so I can kick your butt @Biff Mayhem
  13. I had one message in my box and didn't have issues sending or receiving a message. So if you are having issues, check the amount of messages in your inbox and perhaps delete a few.
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