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  1. It seems to me they are talking about bringing McCann up to protect Avila. I'm guessing they want to give him extra time off because of all the concussions. On top of that I believe they like Avila's plate skills as evidenced by the batting 2nd and playing 1st base talk. They probably believe he will hit better if he's not all banged up. A catcher with concussion issues is a scary thing. That would also explain the trade talks.
  2. I've already noticed Jack call Rod out for his use of stats. Rod was talking about Price pitching deep into games. He said that it's hard to believe all the hits Price gives up and started spewing something about pitching to contact. Before I could even finish my thought about Price leading the league in strikeouts Jack had already told the viewers that Price leads the league in innings. It wasn't the first time I noticed this. I can't remember the other conversation.
  3. Perhaps he shouldn't have made public comments to the media about how he wants to stay with the Tigers when his name came up in trade talks. I can't blame Max for testing free agency. I just think his comments this winter may have fueled the press release.
  4. He didn't seem warn down last year until he had to catch all the games in a row. Perhaps, he can do a little more training this off season rather than recovering. They drove him into the ground last year.
  5. Cabrera is an ok 1st baseman. He's better than Fielder. I like to keep my young stars on the field though. I'm fine with DH'ing by committee, but Young should be the primary DH. Cabrera 3B > Young LF. Young is by far the worst defensive player on the team. Jackson CF, Boesch RF, Cabrera 3B, Fielder 1B, Young DH, Peralta SS, Avila/Laird C, Raburn/Dirks LF, Santiago/Inge 2nd, should be the base of this line up. I think Jake is picking on the wrong guy.
  6. I believe in protection to some extent. Cabrera's IBB went way down last year, but he was walked more. Pitchers seemed to either pitch or pitch around him more rather than put him on base with a legit threat behind him. I don't think it helps the guys before and after them though.
  7. After watching Cabrera play 1st base for the last few years, I'd lean more toward bad than abysmal. He's a pretty darn good athlete. If the owner and the GM aren't worried about payroll flexibility, why are you? They have some really good pieces that will be on this team for a few years. JV, Max, Fister,, Coke, Avilia, Cabrera, and now Fielder. You have Boesch, Jackson, and Young who can still develop. They've spent money on a closer, two set up men, and Johnny Peralta to fill holes the last few years. You're missing it man. Enjoy the ride while it last. Illitch wants to WIN. If you're worst case scenario plays out you trade Cabrera or Fielder. I think they'd bring a pretty nice haul. Oh, and I agree the infield defense should be pretty bad if not the worst in the league. I'm hoping they can pick up some gloves for the middle of the diamond the next few years.
  8. Yep. I thought about that. I recall some pretty crappy called games in Boston too. The strike zone seems to really tighten up in Yankees and Boston games. It's no wonder the games take forever. That said, I thought they were pretty generous to Scherzer against NY in the playoffs.
  9. I think we are pretty much in agreement. You guys had mentioned that he is not living up to his expectations and threw out the idea of moving him if he doesn't improve. At this point he's pretty valuable to our team and I expect him to be a solid number three moving forward. If they come across a team that believes his ceiling is higher than that and can work out a suitable trade for that value, I'd move him. I was just pointing out that his production out weighs his pay check.
  10. Agree 100%. He has done more than enough to earn his pay. It doesn't really matter what they hoped they'd get out of him. At this point he's a bargain.
  11. I think there is bias for home teams, teams and players. It's most likely because its hard to not have some sort of bias as an individual person. It would be awful tough for league's to get away with conspiracies but I suppose anything is possible.
  12. I Just went through this whole thread today. My thoughts... 1. NFL rules are crazy. All reviews should be done in the booth (no challenges). If they are going to review all scoring plays that should include possible scoring plays. 2. It's very hard to referee basketball. 3. The Lions secondary has been putrid for years and still is. Sometimes the play up front mask it. 4. If you are Lions fan and a Wolverines fan it should be pretty obvious there is a bias with refs. I don't know what the reason is but the Lions get screwed a lot and Michigan gets the call a lot. I don't think it effects the outcomes of the games much but it can be frustrating. 5. It seems most Tigers games are called pretty fair
  13. I agree with this. Seems like we could have found someone just as good (or bad) in the system or through fee agency with a possible upside. His defense was in decline when he was here, he seemed to be a hot head, and is one the worst hitters I've seen in a Tigers uniform. Perhaps management know something we don't. They must like him in the clubhouse or the pitchers like the way he calls a game because all I see is a bad player in decline.
  14. The 1 game series is a joke. I understand the financial and entertainment aspect, but you could routinely have an 84 win team playing a 94 win team. A 1 game series for teams that far apart seems like a slap in the face to the superior team after a 162 game year.
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