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  1. Easy prediction: he's going to opt out after the 2nd year. It's a two year deal worth 85 million for Bauer. Schoop deal is good for the Tigers. Just need to resign Cron, and the Tigers should be ready to roll.
  2. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2021/02/01/weighing-reported-offers-detroit-lions-received-matthew-stafford/4336009001/ No mention here, but I heard that the Lions were talking about the Bronco's young players, but the Broncos backed off.
  3. The Lions won't be signing any free agents, can't really with the cap kind of a factor now. After hearing what they are going to do, they are going to keep the 3-4 concept, but add in New Orleans/LA Rams type of secondary zone/man schemes. Parsons is the best outside pass rusher, but I'm hearing a lot about how he'll drop in the draft; people think he's a bad dude for their teams. This draft is really deep at linebackers and edge players. The Lions should be able to get multiple players. My big worry is the Lions interior defense, and this draft isn't as strong there.
  4. They can flip him, next year, or even the next. He's still only 26.
  5. It's hard to see what the Rams are doing, killing their drafts like this. They used 2 firsts to trade up for Goff, then they use 2 firsts to trade him.
  6. Rousseau did his best work in college on third down rushing from the interior. Won't be that easy in the pros. He's gifted, but he's not even the best pass rusher at his college.
  7. Rousseau is really raw, and soft. I think his team will regret selecting him. Bolton is the complete opposite, a really great player who might be the most underrated in this draft.
  8. Mr. drama, they said starter moving forward; not building around him. Big difference.
  9. He's big and fast, what corners are supposed to look like. With Moehrig, it would give the Lions the best secondary in the league.
  10. My latest projection, without trades: 7. Caleb Farley CB Virginia Tech 41. Trevon Moehrig S TCU 72. Jabril Cox LB LSU 88. D’Wayne Eskridge WR Western Michigan 106. Adrian Ealy OT Oklahoma 140. Jaylen Twyman DT Pittsburgh
  11. My take is that this is the Lions Herschel Walker deal. Not only did they get the picks, but they got a player to replace the player, and can possibly trade that player for more picks.
  12. He has come out and said that he wants more money. The Packers president Mark Murphy said that they want to keep him in GB.
  13. Actually, word from LA is that they already tried for Rodgers, but GB had no interest in trading him. That drove up the price for the Lions.
  14. They don't have to take a QB this year, especially if they think they can get a better one next year.
  15. It's still a great trade for the Lions. Good to see you. 👍
  16. I think injuries. McVay's system puts alot of stress on the QB.
  17. They can let Goff regain his value, then trade him next year. They're now opened up to take the best players, and let the draft come to them.
  18. The Rams are looking to trade Goff so they can afford Stafford. I don't see that happening. Stafford has stated a preference to play on the west coast.
  19. They announced the other coach as ILB coach. I assume that Sheppard will coach OLB.
  20. https://www.mlive.com/broncos/2021/01/wmus-dwayne-eskridge-projected-as-high-as-round-1-draft-pick-after-senior-bowl-practices.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=mlive_sf Darn, I was hoping nobody would notice him, and the Lions could sneak him in the 3rd round or so. He's probably the fastest player in this draft class, and one of my favorites. He could make both Agnew and Amendola expendable and take over the slot and return kicks. He's awesome.
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