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  1. Picks not signed would be eligible for the draft next year. Not sure if the team that doesn't sign player would recieve compensation.
  2. Don't forget about 7th rounder Wilton Reynolds, a college player from Oral Roberts. He's currently hitting .274, 9 HR, and 49 RBI in 47 games!
  3. The one thing about Granderson, is that he's a self-made player. He's pretty well-built from what I understand.
  4. Curtis Granderson, drafted in the 3d round of this year's draft, went 2 for 4 on Sunday, improving his avg to .407. He might be disappointed though, since he hit .485 in his sr. year! :D
  5. 3d base and catcher are actually very similar positions defensively. Players must rely on their quickness, neither is a "speed" position. Several players have interchanged from 3d base to catcher such as Terry Steinbach and Phil Nevin. The fact of the matter is that third basemen get fewer chances than any other fielder, and with the exception of poor throws is the place where poor defense can be tolerated the most on the infield. I think Rivera could handle it fairly well, and it'd be important for the Tigers to get his stick (and Munson's and Pena's) in the lineup.
  6. This sort of thing is going to happen in that league. It's really a hitter's league. A bit alarming was the fact he also had 2 balks in the game; he's going to have to show more poise than that.
  7. I disagree about Inge offensively. He's not a finished product, but he has improved 100% from last year. He has power, and projects to be a 20 HR/year type. He's also a much better athlete than Rivera. The player who Inge always reminded me of is a young Craig Biggio. Biggio never threw the ball as well, but they're very similar otherwise. I think Inge is the best young catcher in baseball right now.
  8. Mike Rivera is a below average catcher defensively in the majors. His time to 2d base is 2.3, which is real slow. ML average is 2.0. Inge is at 1.8, which is Pudge territory. Inge is 10 times the catcher Rivera is. The Tigers could use Rivera's right-handed bat, and 3d base seems wide open. It would be a waste leaving Rivera where he's at.
  9. I'd take him back for Adam Bernero, even up. I wouldn't trade Pena OR German OR Bonderman even up for him, though. :D
  10. Neither of the two players have had real serious problems, although Wheatland did have a surgery. As far as I know, Wheatland is on a throwing program right now, and the Tigers are being very cautious with him. Baugh is probably recovering from overpitching last year in college, at one point throwing 170 pitches in one game. That's ridiculous, and his mgr at Rice needs to be fired for that alone.
  11. As far as "rushing them", alot depends on the mental makeup of the player. VanHekken seems much cooler under pressure than Cornejo, which is Cornejo's biggest weakness.
  12. The callups will be Munson, Cornejo, German, Loux and Rivera. Rivera needs a new position (3b?). Seems like a natural to me.
  13. I think the change has more to do with the face of the Indian; kind of a compromise to keep the Redskin name without offending American Indians.
  14. The Tigers need to get more than Jared Sandberg (a Jared Patterson-type player) for Anderson. If they trade Anderson, who has top potential (and other GM's know this), then the Tigers need to get younger yet more legitimate prospect(s) in return. Remember, the Tigers right now have huge problems in the bullpen, so that remains to be seen what the Tigers should do with Anderson. They also need to wait until Anderson is healthy and pitching real well, so they can deal from a position of strength. A big weakness of Randy Smith is that he always dealt from the opposite, trading players when they weren't performing, usually minimizing his return.
  15. I'm sorry I didn't answer a couple of you're questions. 22 year olds just out of college need time to develop mostly because of the adjustment in the amount of games, and for hitters; the adjustment from alumminum to wood bats. The biggest worry is the pitchers, since they play so many dh'ers; yet they only play on 2 or 3 days per week. High school kids obviously need time to develop their bodies.
  16. Ryan, you ask some interesting questions. The biggest problem is taking 18-year olds (HS seniors); and 22-year olds (college juniors and seniors); and projecting them 3-4 years down the road. Some people think HS players is the way to go. You might get better athletes, but they aren't as easy to project at higher levels. It's usually safer to draft college players; and especially financially it's safest yet to draft college seniors, because they obviously don't carry the leverage of returning to school. The Tigers' minor leagues are set up this way: GCL Tigers in the Gulf Coast (Rookie) League--High school draftees, some JC players, and some Dominican league players. They start a 70+ game schedule in early July after the draft. Oneonta Tigers of the New York/Penn (short season) league--College players, older players. Play same amount of games as rookie league. West Michigan WhiteCaps of the Midwest (Class A) League--Usually 2d year for post HS players, some GCL Tigers stay back in Lakeland though, for what is called "extended spring training". This is referred to as low level A ball. Lakeland Tigers of the Florida State (Class A) League--Higher level class A, usually advanced level. Players have been "weeded out" by now, so this is where major league-type talent should begin to emerge. As with WM, Erie, and Toledo, they play 140 or so games, and have a playoffs. Erie Seawolves of the Eastern (Class AA) League--Make it or break it time. Usually the talent is so strong; which is why it's a great place to go if you're a GM to make trades. Probably better overall baseball than AAA. Toledo Mud Hens of the International (Class AAA) League--You're either on you're way up, or on you're way down here. If you're young here and performing well, then you're set. If you're a bit older and struggling, then it's time to finish up college.
  17. Hiram (I'm not Arabic) Bocachica Mark Redman (walking) Chris Truby (and Oswald) Damion (out) Easily Bobby (Bob's a verb) Higginson Oscar (The Grouch) Henriquez Julio (Gassed) Santana Juan Acevedo (in the hole) My 2 favorites were always Howard Johnson (should wear an orange cap) and (If God spoke, he'd sound like) Paul Carey by Mike Downey of the Free Press in the early '80s.
  18. Not as nice as Curtis Granderson (.392 avg, 2 hr, 16 rbi, .441 obp, .598 slugging), or Wilton Reynolds (.289, 8, 44 in 159 abs).
  19. He has been playing farely sparingly for the past 2 weeks or so. Showed up earlier in the week as DH, so the guess here that it's a hammy or something like that. Anything serious we should've heard by now.
  20. Tom Kowalski reported on WDFN that it's a knee bruise, that he's day-to-day. Better than even a sprain.
  21. The Lions' official web page and WDFN are reporting that Jeff Backus has injured his knee during practice this morning. The only details given is that he was carted off, and it was his left knee that was injured. Worst case scenario would mean this could be a serious season ending injury. Look for the Lions to move McDougle to left tackle, and Joyce to right tackle.
  22. I stopped buying them when they went over a dollar. Not bad minor league coverage, but nowhere near Baseball America, which is much more passioned in their coverage.
  23. Emj, ask the Rams' players themselves if last year was a success or a failure. To a man, they will tell you it was a 100% failure. They didn't win the Super Bowl, and that is all that matters, any way you would slice it. Emj, you are showing your naivete' regarding football.
  24. Good points Red, but the only goal should be winning the Super Bowl. One cannot be great if one doesn't attempt to be great. Also, football doesn't stop. Once one year ends, the next begins.
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