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  1. Thanks Mark, I appreciate all your help. I put some emphasis on performance, which is why I threw Conn in there; and Heredia intruigues me a great deal with his quicks, and his ability to get on base. It seems like he knows what he's doing out there, which is half the battle. As you can see, I've punished a few (such as Iorg and Hamilton) who should be ranked higher, but their performance leaves alot to be desired so far in early '09.

    As for Douglas, I like him but he'll be 24 later in the summer; he's in Low-A, and he lacks power. That's a tough league to power up, but I'm afraid he's behind many infielders in the system.

    Also, LeFlore, you answered your own question, although it won't be this year. I can see Willis getting dumped for Bonderman, and next year, I can see a younger bullpen. I don't see the Tigers resigning Rodney, and they'll need an infusion in the pen, where they have alot of help in the minors. They have too many bullpen arms on this list, which is what I hate most about the state of the organization right now.

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