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  1. My wife had two lumpectomies. They didn't get it the first time, so they had to go and get it the 2nd. The dr also put in the port for the chemo during the 2nd surgery.
  2. Announced after the game that Petry would join him on the road for the rest of the season. Hope Jim is ok. I was at the game for pink out the park night. My wife has stage 1 breast cancer, and just had surgery for it. She'll have chemo and then radiation, we are expecting a full recovery.
  3. They can always move a SS to 2b, 3b, or OF (sorry Tork).
  4. The biggest problem with the Tigers is that Christian Santana is 17 and the future shortstop. I saw an article where Avila admitted they might need to get a SS in FA next year.
  5. And I hope they send Manning back down. He needs to be fixed.
  6. It takes money. Everybody knows the talent.
  7. I didn't know where to put this, but I lolled...
  8. This isn't a great draft to have the #1 pick. I like where the Wings are at, hoping for Eklund to fall to them.
  9. I went back to the roster, and the Lions have some depth at WR, although not ideal. Tyrell Williams Breshaud Perriman Damion Ratley Kalif Raymond Amon Ra St.Brown Geronimo Allison Victor Bolden Slo Azz Cephus Tom Kennedy
  10. Levi is a three tech with a great first step. Probably will end up playing passing downs.
  11. LEVI ONWUZURIKEDT, DETROIT LIONS Falcons selected University of Washington DT Levi Onwuzurike with the No. 41 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Onwuzurike (6'2/293) initially blossomed in 2018, registering 26 pressures and 19 stops in 391 snaps as a part-timer. He was promptly given the nod as a starter the following year, racking up 31 pressures and 29 stops in 504 snaps but admittedly lacked effectiveness on a weekly basis. Still, Onwuzurike shows rare acceleration off the line for a player of his size and can control blocks even as a nose tackle. With a nice array of pass-rushing tools and brute strength (29 bench reps), he has all the physical traits necessary to be an impact 3-tech at the NFL level. Apr 30, 2021, 8:00 PM ET
  12. No he's not! Snacks is a monster nose tackle. Levi runs a 4.88. More of a pass rusher, with a big first step.
  13. The best receivers in this draft are mostly smaller. Moore is versatile, I don't think he makes it to the Lions pick.
  14. Elijah Moore, Trevon Moehrig, and Nick Bolton in the 2nd. There are some corners (Tyson Campbell, Asante Samuel, and Kelvin Joseph) I like for the 3rd. And of course, S Jevon Holland.
  15. 1. Lance (Goff is just a bridge, Lance has the talent to dream) 2. Waddle (Speed wins) 3. Chase/Pitts (Don't think they'll be available) 4. Sewell 5. Smith
  16. Glasnow is with Denver.
  17. Glasnow was a center at Michigan.
  18. Slater has short arms, he'll probably shift to guard.
  19. I think that Sewell's going to fall in this draft. I think he might fall out of the top 10. Too many QB's.
  20. Pitts is going to Atlanta at 4.
  21. Was watching a PFF pod the other day, 2-1 drafts, when Mike Renner discussed positional war for football players. QB has 4X the positional value as the next most important positions.
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