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  1. Hey, but Caldwell-Pope has 5 points tonight! Way to go, Dumars.
  2. Buster Olney @Buster_ESPN When Iglesias signed with the Red Sox, the NYY scouting report on him even then was: Best hands in baseball since Omar Vizquel.
  3. Why do you think the Tigers lost the trade? I think you are overrating Garcia.
  4. I know it is still relatively early, but what is the explanation for the low walk rates for Cabrera and Fielder? The last few years compared to this year: Unintentional BB/Plate Appearances (less intentional BB) Cabrera - 2009 - 8.04% (meaning he took an unintentional BB in 8.04% of his plate appearances) 2010 - 9.25% 2011 - 12.9% 2012 - 6.13% Fielder - 2009 - 12.75% 2010 - 13.90% 2011 - 11.36% 2012 - 7.87% This seems concerning.
  5. I guess its a huge deal now with the anti-semitism. He has to go.
  6. Of course he may not be hot in the majors. But neither is anyone else. Here's what we know - the Tigers aren't hitting. Eldred is on fire. He is obviously not a prospect. So what's the harm in giving him a shot for a few weeks? The 2 months I wrote was completely arbitrary. Bring him up for 2 weeks. I don't care. My point is - he's smoking right now and the Tigers are wasting that hot streak in Toledo. Let him use it in Detroit then - when he inevitably falls back to earth - ship him out.
  7. Right. So why waste that hot streak at AAA? Why not use it where it counts?
  8. I don't understand the objections to calling him up. Of course he's not a prospect - he's 31. But he's on fire right now. Why not catching lightening in a bottle for 2 months or so - then ship him back out?
  9. 6 4* recruits in one day. What a GREAT day.
  10. I'm not denying coaching matters. Of course it does. But which team do you think will do better? Urban Meyer coaching a bunch of 3* recruits or Urban Meyer coaching a bunch of 5* recruits? I mean - that's a no brainer right? Nobody would argue its better to have 3* recruits than 5* recruits. And while MSU has had an excellent 2 year run - surely there is more to it than just coaching. I suspect its a little more difficult to play in the SEC than in the Big Ten.
  11. That's a weird thing to write. I mean, of course coaching matters. But there's been plenty of research done to show that a) higher ranked players - in general, obviously - perform better than lower ranked players, b) higher ranked players generally are much more likely to be all conference and all americans than lower ranked players and c) teams that have good recruiting classes generally do much better than teams with lower ranked recruiting classes. So to say that you "don't believe in recruiting" well, 1) I don't know what that means because obviously recruiting exists; and 2) it really doesn't make sense in light of both common sense and the evidence.
  12. This is something we can all agree on. This is complete horse manure. Its not even remotely fair.
  13. I think you are forgetting. We have this guy: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting Your guy just flat out refuses to point at things: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
  14. Well lets look at this. Mike McQueary comes to Paterno and tells him that MM saw Sandusky raping a 10 year old boy. Paterno reported it to PSU officials. PSU officials effectively did nothing. In response to PSU officials doing nothing, JoePa did nothing. So either: a) JoePa believes McQueary and he was fine with the University doing nothing about a child rapist or b) JoePa doesn't believe McQueary but he kept - and promoted - a coach on his staff who accused a longtime friend and colleague of raping a child. And, of course, those are only the first questions that Paterno needs to answer about Sandusky. There are many, many more and I suspect Paterno has about 3 games (at most) left in his college career.
  15. Yes to the first question. Of course to the second.
  16. Of course. Forcing them to do something they don't want to do and deny them the opportunity to make millions of dollars for no reason other than it helps your business model - that is damaging to the kids. I agree. It is bad to force kids to go to college for a year. Its even worse to force them to go two years. But it sure does help the NCAA and NBA.
  17. At the expense of the kids. Great idea.
  18. NO on AJ. Absolutely not. NO. NO. NO. Its ridiculous that ESPN (or TBS or MLB or whatever network it is) even has him as an analyst.
  19. Jackson hasn't just been lost at the plate. He's not playing very well in CF either. He's not making catches he's made all season long - see the Jeter double last night.
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