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  1. I agree with pfife that the drive up the California coast on the 1 is spectacular. However, due to an abundance of rain this past winter, many stretches of the PCH are closed. Landslide Closes Section of PCH
  2. Sorry for the delay, Biff. I've haven't been around Motown Sports much since moving back to California a few years ago. Anna is doing really great! She turned 13 a few weeks ago, and I have her in my 7th grade classroom this year. She's on the honor roll, was the team MVP of our school's championship girls' basketball team, volleyball co-captain, plays flute in the school band... (my bragging could go on for days!) There are virtually no aftereffects of the battery accept for scars. God has been so good to us!
  3. My wife and I have enjoyed binge watching Doc Martin and The IT Crowd this summer, both British shows on Netflix.
  4. Sorry about your neighbor, man. My only dryer vent story is that I found a ten dollar bill in mine while cleaning it out once. I was pretty excited until my teenage son reminded me that it was my money in the first place, so I hadn't really "gained" anything. Needless to say, I didn't buy hum any ice cream with it.
  5. I got to know Roger and Robie when my daughter, Anna, was in the hospital. He would send me private messages of encouragement as I navigated through that very difficult time. I also appreciated the donations he would make to All Children's Hospital whenever Anna and my other kids did their annual walk-a-thon at school. One story I'd like to share was when he and the Lakeland gang were in Clearwater for a game many years ago. My 8 year old son ran over to the dugout and came back with a baseball bat and the biggest smile on his face. Shawn Roof had seen my boy with his Tigers' gear and gave him his bat. My son wanted his autograph, but unfortunately later on, Shawn was plunked on the head while up to bat and had to leave the game. Fast forward to the following spring training. When I let people know my family and I were coming for a game, I got a message from Roger and Robie telling me that they had a surprise for my kids. We met them under the concourse where they gave my kids some autographed baseballs and other Tigers' stuff. Then, to my surprise, they brought Shawn Roof over to meet my boy and sign his bat for him! It was amazing to me that these folks would show such kindness to me and my family even though we were, in essence, total strangers. Robie, my heart goes out to you. I pray that God will strengthen you and your family during this difficult time.
  6. My family and I just discovered Doctor Who this summer and are thoroughly enjoying it. We started with the 2006 season and are about halfway through the 2008 episodes, watching at least two episodes per night. Also watching The Last Ship and America's Got Talent.
  7. I'm glad to see that you're on the mend, buddy. We'll keep you in our prayers!
  8. Homemade pizza and calzone for the family to celebrate my oldest coming home from her first year of college.
  9. The spice of the sausage mixed with the tartness of the green olives topped with the heat of crushed red peppers is music in my mouth.
  10. Ronald McDonald Loses Jumpsuit and Joins Twitter - NBC News
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