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  1. I'm sure the Tigers were aware of the medical reports. Sounds like s fluff piece trying to give hope that Al's bad year was a fluke. He hasn't exactly lit it up this spring thus far even with the improved health.
  2. Agree unless they work out a trade I could definitely see this happening
  3. But if the goal was to fill as May holes as possible operating under a fiscal budget (40 million?) without sacrificing future resources then this is not the awful move most are saying it is. Sure I would love more upside as well but I do believe a mid rotation guy would have cost us signing anymore relief help. Chen, Gallardo, and Iwakuma will get contacts north of 15 million a season. A trade would likely require parting with players that may help down the line for a team extremely top heavy with expensive contracts. I have loved our moves in the past but believed a lot of our short comings over the years had more to do with going all in on big ticket signings.
  4. How do you figure that??? If you combine Price/Verlander's second half Pelfrey's stat line would better than the production they received from the other four pitchers in the rotation.
  5. Budget has to play a role as well. The Cubs surrendered their first round pick and 16 million to pay for a 37 year old pitcher. Not sure what the market will pay these other guys left but anyone left that projects as a mid rotation guy will be getting paid much north of what Pelfrey signed for.
  6. Pelfrey's stat line last year looked eerily similar to Rick Porcello circa 2010-2012 prior to the jump in his K rate. He had a .334 BABIP a hr/9 rate of .60 and over 50 percent ground ball rate where he's going to be pitching half his games in a spacious ball park. He's mediocre but for a fifth starter he's useful.
  7. Don't we have the Phillies former pitching coach? Apparently Cliff Lee is healthy and wants to pitch. Not sure what it would cost but he would be a nice addition as the fifth starter on an incentive laden deal
  8. John Lackey makes a ton of sense. You would only go two years max on him and he's tied to compensation at his age may limit his suitors. He was lucky this year but he still a solid 2.5 win pitched that will eat innings and knows his to pitch, similar to when we signed Kenny Rogers.
  9. Is De Aza still available? He seems like the same type player but maybe a better fit in terms of the clubhouse and language compared to Aoki and may be cheaper
  10. I want Puig. I know he's a cancer and all but his contact is reasonable and the Tigers have the clubhouse personalities to make it work. Would Iggy, Greene and Hill be enough?
  11. I don't see the point trading a cheap decent player and creating another hole. The best trade value comes at the deadline as desperate teams give away more. I don't think Iggy's value is high enough to create another hole on the roster. Machado isn't ready to take over and you still have free agency to fill the roster.
  12. One of Dombrowski's faults was taking advantage of the comp system. During the comp a and comp b era we routinely in most years not have a single pick, while the A's and the Nats had seven picks before we even selected our first player.
  13. Dombrowski's inability to build a pen during the offseason the pasts two seasons played a bigger role. We gave up three pitchers for Soria and Veras that probably would have helped. Last report I heard on the PTBNL From the Astros was Paulino was touching triple digits.
  14. Would you make this trade? Dexter Fowler for Spencer Turnbill? Signing a free agent is still the cheapest way to acquire talent in terms of evaluating a 40 man roster. Their are other ways besides the amateur draft to build a farm system. I don't get why the Tigers would only limit themselves to players not tied to a comp pick. Cudyer was signed for 2 years at 21 million, which is pretty cheap even considering they gave up a first round pick.
  15. The two years with Fielder produced a World Series berth and an ALC collapse that should have resulted in a championship. I don't understand the logic of blowing it up when your committed to a 120 million dollar payroll. What's the point?? You already have an expensive team.
  16. Josh Redick makes a lot of sense, platoon bat with excellent Defense in right and will be a cheaper option then any of the free agents with two years of cost control
  17. Since the A's are giving up I'll take Redick and Dolittle. I'll give them Moya, Suarez and a prospect!
  18. Tommy John recovery takes two years for relievers, so I would count Rondon and Houchaver as out. Motte will be two years removed that's why I like him as a low-risk high reward signing. I still think signing some sort of fifth starter, and there are a ton of midrange guys like Liriano, Santana, Masterson that wouldn't break the bank. Tigers shy away from these types of moves teams like the A's make every year
  19. My wish list: Andrew Miller 3 years 21 million Jason Motte 1 year 2 million plus incentives Justin Masterson 1 year 5 million plus incentives Motte will be two years removed from Tommy John, and Masterson should bounce back from a horrible year and be a solid fifth starter.
  20. Pittsburgh didn't have the money to pay Price 20 million next season, from what I have gathered so they backed out.
  21. https://twitter.com/ProspectMark/status/495169993219510272 I'm all for it!!
  22. Jackson to Seattle, Ackley to Detroit?
  23. Love that deal for the Tigers, they can also add Victorino or someone of that ilk for virtually nothing
  24. Still holding hope that its a three way deal involving Tampa. I would sell high on Anibal to the Sox for Miller and Price, obviously more would have to be given up from the Tigers and Sox to Tampa!
  25. In fairness, Zobrist is a switch hitter and can play all over the diamond, he'd be a good fit in the outfield and at short and could probably handle third as well but would cost a ton, not sure we have enough to get him!
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