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  1. Thanks everyone. I'd been leaning towards not telling my manager. I don't think he'd get rid of me on the spot, since he has had trouble finding and keeping decent employees (I can't imagine why, he's such a lovely person).
  2. Having to decide whether or not to tell my manager, who has assigned me to a new gnotobiotic facility without asking, that I'm about 95% sure that I'm leaving in six months. TBH, I'm thinking more of my coworkers than of my manager.
  3. I wish I saved it, but earlier today I saw a meme about Trump's plan to fight Zika: he's going to build a large net, and make the mosquitoes pay for it. Though to tell the truth, this is getting less and less funny. I keep hoping we're in the Twilight Zone or something.
  4. I hate that I have to 'eat clean' to feel my best. Why can't I feel healthy and have my donuts too???
  5. When I first became an aunt, I felt funny because there were more years between me and my oldest brother than between me and my nephew. So he called me by my first name. Now they all do, and it seems a little late to change. Growing old is a privilege denied to many...
  6. For your entertainment.... http://www.charlotteobserver.com/opinion/op-ed/article94019107.html ETA: link is a satire saying that Trump is dropping out of the election, and that he ran to make a point.
  7. While I admit that they're not my favorite article of clothing, my general rule is that if the following criteria are met, I don't really care what people wear: 1. They're clean 2. They fit (in other words, they stay on) 3. They don't have rips in, er, awkward places. I do think that shorts, sandals, and especially flip flops don't belong in a laboratory environment, yet I see people wearing them all the time...
  8. I wonder if we're going to return to the days where reps got into fist fights or worse in Congress.... not sure if I should be stocking up on popcorn or planning my exile.
  9. The problem is, people often don't respond to messages that talk of problems rationally along with possible good (but often boring) solutions. As an ecologist I can think of a lot of problems that need to be solved: White Nose Syndrome, Colony Collapse Syndrome are two examples of problems resulting in a sharp decline in populations of important pollinators (including a bat that is the only pollinator for the plant that provides a required ingredient for tequila). These are real problems that will endanger our food supply, but people are more likely to respond to Global Warming-the end is near! and that will lead to people dismissing it as overly emotional, overreacting... you get the idea. So there's a catch-22: in order to get people to pay attention, you have to be extreme, but in order to be taken seriously by doubters, you can't be extreme. Sigh....
  10. I've often wondered if we could have all of the primaries on the same day, perhaps the day that the last primary normally happens. And how about having Velma pull of the mask after saying "now let's see who this monster really is?"
  11. It sucks that my cat won't eat wet food. She has to have Miralax, which most people give cats by mixing it in with canned food. Since my cat won't eat it, I have to dissolve it in water and give it to her using a syringe. She's pretty easy to handle, which actually makes me feel more guilty.
  12. Maybe he's planning on having Pence do all of that work while he sits on his throne.
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