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  1. Cloth Diapers|Metro Detroit, Michigan, Not Your Moms Cloth Diapers. we absolutely will ship. Thanks everyone for the good wishes!! I haven't been here much since I had my son and definitely haven't been since we opened the store. Huey, I own the store with my husband, and my only relationship with Biff is here on Motown and Facebook
  2. I just sent this to the Free Press About 9 months ago... Ernie wrote an article about a near miss, how he had a great idea for a comic strip called Amby Dexter. His neighbor loved the idea, but it never came to fruition. They interviewed the great Jack Davis, even though Ernie loved his work the neighbor said no. After reading the article, I called my friend who is a talented illustrator and said we need to do this for Ernie, well long story short we got busy and the idea was put on hold. After Ernie's passing we are left feeling that he had a great opportunity to give back to Ernie when he was alive but did nothing. We realize it is not the same and would have loved to seen Ernie's reaction to his ambidextrous pitcher Amby. If possible we would like AMBY DEXTER to live in the funny pages even for one day as a tribute to Ernie Harwell, we were thinking next Tuesday when the Tigers pay tribute to Ernie. http://i39.tinypic.com/wtifo.jpg http://i43.tinypic.com/2zemphh.jpg http://i43.tinypic.com/fdabz6.jpg http://i39.tinypic.com/uo968.jpg We had the comic set in 1953, we also made sure it was 4 panels. We went back and forth whether to put the olde English D on Amby but ultimately we felt Ernie was not only the Tigers but baseball. Please feel free to do whatever you like with it, thank you for your time. Any questions, I can be reached at 734-365-. FREE PRESS BASEBALL COLUMNIST My ego took a bruising last week when I read the Yankees had an ambidextrous pitcher named Pat Venditte on their Class A Charleston, S.C., farm team. It was a painful reminder of another near-miss in my career. It began in the fall of 1953. My Larchmont, N.Y., neighbor, Harry Gilburt, head of national sales for United Features Syndicate, came to me with a proposition. "Ernie," he said, "our syndicate needs a comic strip about baseball. Would you write one for us?" " 'I could try,' I told Harry. "I'll help you," he said. "We need a story line for a year, with 36 daily strips of four panels and five longer strips for Sundays." My alleged brain began to whirl. I came up with an idea about a naive country boy pitching both right- and left-handed. His name, Ambrose Dexter, would be shortened to become the name of our strip "Amby Dexter." Gilburt was enthusiastic. After approving and accepting my manuscript, he convinced his associates the project would be easy to market. I began to dream of readers all over the world praising my Amby Dexter. My work done, United Features now needed an artist. Because he knew many top-notch cartoonists and illustrators, Gilburt didn't expect any problem. Submissions poured in, but Harry kept on rejecting them. After a futile month, both of us were getting anxious. Then, an ambitious, young cartoonist named Jack Davis came to my home. His samples were fascinating. His vivid, energetic style won me over. But Gilburt vetoed me. So, we continued our search. Strangely enough, Gilburt, though still confident about my creation, never found the illustrator he sought. So, Amby Dexter died, and I had achieved another of my near-misses. Meanwhile, Jack Davis, the aspiring Georgian we rejected, is now a member of the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame. His fir
  3. Regrettably, he is an artist as a profession and to pay for his studio he must sell his work. He was actually working on two Granderson paintings, the other one is not yet finished. John Fuller was PM'd to see if he could help out with a painting or even donating his time to draw caricatures for the kids(with Granderson in it) as they wait in line. Thanks for all the helpful suggestions, he is an amazing artist but really dislikes the business side of it.
  4. I'm really really sad about this. Curtis has always been my favorite. My friend finished this painting 3 days before we heard about this trade...
  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Jack turns 1 next week!
  6. yep, exactly what potthole said. We recognized the sign and my husband said something about Motown Sports, and one of you heard him and stopped us, then told us to stop lurking and start posting.
  7. I've met: Biff Mr. Melissa and Potthole, all very briefly.
  8. Como's in Ferndale has the BEST pizza, imho. Service sucks, but the pizza is fantastic.
  9. lesgoblu had Sylar (Heroes) as his avatar a long time ago, that creeped me out every time I saw it.
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