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  1. Cannot string together any sort of rally. Hitting into a ton of double plays. Pudge can't hit for power (or really for average either) and is striking out too much. Sheffield, even when healthy, seems to have gone blind and can't find pitches that he used to hit 500 feet. Middle relief is horrible, etc. etc. I don't think Granderson is going to come back and solve any of these problems.
  2. The thing that jumps out at me, having watched every game except today's, is that there is very little team chemistry - not meaning if these guys are friends or not, but that they have no dynamism in the lineup. They cannot string together any rallies. There middle relief is also pretty bad. It is questionable whether Grilli should be a major league relief pitcher and the quality of starters (since we have made one trip in the rotation so far) seems to drop way too precipitously after Bonderman. I don't know how long Kenny will hold up so we might have some problems there. I don't think Willis is going to do anything this year. They might want to use him as a pinch hitter instead of a starter for gods sake.
  3. Notre Dame is really bad. As happy as this makes me, if I have to hear the announcers say how Clausen is making "good decisions" I'm going to throw my beer through the TV. They have 10 yards of total offense!
  4. I don't see what it would do to fire him in the middle of the season. You have to change the entire personality of that team. They started the season thinking they were owed something for last year with Henne, Hart, and Long coming back. In fact the only person who mattered was Hart - he should have left though, his stock is going down. Long needed another year of development, offensive linemen usually don't come out early anyway. Henne might get picked up as a free agent for a practice squad - but my money is on a good Arena season next year.
  5. Is it really an embarrassment? I don't think so, its time to lower expectations. Michigan seriously drives me nuts. They have to be the least passionate team I have ever seen. Maybe its just the personality of Carr, they either win through talent or fold when they encounter better talent or a bad situation. Today, when they gave up the first long TD, and then the two statue of liberty plays, you could just see them giving up. It pisses me off, because it is the same way with the fans. The students stand up and cheer, the other 85k just sit there and space out (not saying I would have done anything different in that situation). Michigan gets way too much talent, and they are not hungry - they just think they can beat people by flashing the maize and blue and 105k (zombies mostly) in the stands. Ann Arbor, as a city and a school, have to get over their superiority complex and get hungry to prove something. This is coming from someone who was born and raised in that city. The problem is, on a national scene, that no one cares what they prove anymore.
  6. they'll never fire Carr in the middle of the season. There is no one to replace him with, the whole staff has to go. Michigan just has to deal with the fact that they might be a middle of the road big ten team this year, they will probably eke out a couple against NW, EMU and Illinois. They are probably going to beat ND, but who cares, they are awful too. I don't see them making a bowl game, they suck (maybe the Poinsettia bowl, where they will get stomped by my alma mater - Navy - haha). Purdue is going to eat them up vertically, they won't be able to score against Wisconsin or OSU, and they will probably have a few more random disappointing losses in the big ten. I honestly don't see them winning 6 games. Seriously, they just suck, bad. Its sad to see. Michigan has to be the most perenially disappointing team in major college football... even when they are good they disappoint.
  7. When I get home I can compress it into any format you guys want: mpeg 4, sorenson 3, h-264 (mpeg 4 HD), wmv 9 or 10, ipod m4v (already in that format from download), or even mpeg 2 or quicktime. I have edited it down by inning and major plays if you just want it in pieces. PM me if you need some help or want a copy but I won't be able to deliver until tomorrow afternoon. Also, if you want to copy from YouTube, the extension for firefox no longer works. I'm on a Mac so I use Snapz X Pro, works really well and is very flexible and very powerful. On a PC you need to get the demo of Macromedia (now Adobe) Captivate or a program called camtesia. Look them up on http://versiontracker.com
  8. Yeah, I use audio hijack to catch streams, works pretty well. thanks for the link.
  9. Does anyone know where I could download the WXYT broadcast of the clincher? I'm geeking it up and putting together a iMovie of the season with radio, espn, and the MLB.tv games I've bought. Thanks in advance.
  10. Selig is probably praying for a Mets win in the NLCS for ratings. A Cards/Tigers world series is probably his worst nightmare.
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