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  1. I recall reading an article somewhere that stated Tommy Hunter and Alex Avila were college roommates or buddies...and that Al could look to sign him based on past relationships, even after Alex left. I thought it was an interesting tidbit. Tommy could also possibly fit the mold of the swing starter they've been rumored to be looking for.
  2. Tommy Hunter Or Tyler Clippard I myself am not comfy with The 7th and 8th inning set ups. We need another rally stomper.
  3. Mat Latos, Corey Luebke and AJ Griffin are intriguing SP options as reclamation Brad Penny types. Kelley, Hunter, Lowe, Oh, Parnell and Bastardo all scream bullpen mojo.
  4. Im not as hopeful for Krol or Ray's immediate contributions, but im definitely intrigued by Whelan and Miller possibly helping out this bull****pen. Both have been consistently lights out for Toledo all season.
  5. The last I checked, Adames had 13 doubles, and 12 triples before the all star break. For an 18 year old infield prospect to put up those kinds of numbers in his first year at West Michigan is pretty damn exciting. Cant really say much more about him, but im definitely on the band wagon. another guy who is exciting, that I havnt heard as much about is West Michigan OF Wynton Bernard, imo.
  6. With the 51rst pick in this years AAT draft, Macedonian Bengal proudly selects... The Detroit Tigers second round draft choice in 2013, (58th overall) out of Vanderbilt University; Lhp Kevin Mathew Ziomek DOB:3/21/92 6'3" 200lbs. Ziomek is the next in a long line of Vanderbilt star pitchers, following in the footsteps of David Price, Mike Minor and Sonny Gray. He is projected to be a 4th Starter on a playoff caliber team..very much like my AAT from a few years ago, Drew Smyly. In fact i think he has a great chance to be as successful as Smyly, in my oppinion. Kevin throws a fastball, slider and a change-up. He needs to work on his velocity this season and try to bring his fastball up a few more miles..he has great control but tends to get into trouble when he throws too many fastballs or when repeating his motions. Kevin projects to make his debut and contribute in either the rotation or the bullpen come 2015, depending on how his season goes this year. and there it is, bring on the baseball!
  7. What a bummer. So are the Tigers actually just cutting payroll and rebuilding while trying to remain contending? I'm excited about the Ausmus regime but it seems more like a cover for a team that's expected to win it all, but an excuse for why they won't. I'm just not as excited or inspired by this roster as is. It seems like there's still a lot of work to be done, but all were getting is the "Were pretty much set" treatment. Somethings gotta give?
  8. I agree with all this man..its about damn time we started implementing these ideas in Tigers baseball.. For anyone whos been disappointed with this offseason.. you'll eat your crow come next summer...we've needed this pitching, speed and defense direction for years..and I'm glad its finally becoming a reality.. Love Jim Leyland to death..but this new approach is and has been a long time coming..imho.
  9. I'm glad he's back! One of the better defenders on the team, imo. Theres Love in that Glove.
  10. Looks like J P. Arencibia might be available. Dude has some mean power..strikrs out a lot..but might make a better compliment to Avila than Holaday?
  11. I would however trade Porcello for Brett Lawrie and a reliever or SP prospect. He (Lawrie) had a rough year last year, but the kid can rake, and play multiple positions.
  12. No way in hell would I even consider trading Max this offseason. If DD trades him I will riot! I truly feel Max and Miggy are the true faces of this team today. I'd rather trade Verlander... But then again..trading any of our top four starters makes zero sense to me. Starting Pitching has been our greatest strength.
  13. Toronto is definitely a team I can imagine us pulling off a blockbuster with..both teams seem to match up well, and Alex Anthopoulous has proven time and time again that he's not affraid to shake things up. It also seems like both Anthopoulous and Dombrowski both like to strike early in the offseason and set the market for the offseason. I think Maicer Izturis and Brett Cecil would make excellent compliments as role players here. Also..wouldnt mind prying Brett Lawrie away them. Or Edwin Encarnacion. Sean Nolin, Daniel Norris and Dalton Pompey seem like pretty ecxiting prospects too.
  14. I also wish we can get Benoit back..ill take him over all other RP/closer options..even Nathan, Ballfour and da Beard
  15. Its a great idea, and it may have been a likely role for him in the past..but I just don't see it happening..Infante is marketing himself as a 2B , and looking for an all star caliber 2B contract. With that said, I still like the idea, and I hope we xan bring him back..we need better bench bats, even if he's a rotating/platooning everyday starter pushing Dirks or Castellanos to the bench..that would be a hell of an improvement..we definitely need more bench depth.
  16. Since living in the Boston area for the last 2 years, I've become pretty familiar with Ellsbury. When he's healthy he's a complete game changer on many levels I do not believe for the contract hes looking for, that he can sustain that level of elite play..and i sure dont think hell survive an injury free career going forward..he's got Carlos Guillen Disease. 8/ Still I wouldn't complain about acquiring Jacoby Ellsbury. With that said..I'd much prefer Choo. He would essentially provide a perfect fit..with a perfect balance of multiple great skills and tools..more consistant, less unjured, likely at a better value and better results.
  17. And while were at it lets sign Matt Garza too lol.. Of course, not seriously, but I still love that ugly baztid! I wouldn't mind seeing a few of Torii's Twinky teemmates in the D helping us bring a championship to the ALC.
  18. I didnt find out about this deal until late last night..after a busy as hell day. I was too damn tired to comment, let alone think. I dreamt that I'd wake up to news of the Tigers signing Joe Nathan, and Justin Morneau and that Phil Coke was released. Lol I do however like this trade, despite the lack of lefty power hitting presense losing Fieder has left on this lineup. .but as many have pointed out..its only November. .DD addresses 2B, upgrades for better speed on the basepaths...a top of the order catalyst ( altho not a blazer imo, Kinsler is a smart and aggressive base runner..I don't foresee any face down belly flops in his future.8) ) This also addresses giving the Tigers clubhouse a better attitude and competitve presense in the clubhouse. AND A LOT OF MONEY $$$!!!!.Max and Miggy extensions! Bullpen help! Miguel Cabrera will still be our 3B in 2014. Period. I'm pulling for Shin-Shoo Choo as our next LF/RF and leadoff hitter.. so bad I can already foresee myself complaining about needing to lose weight to fit my fatazz in my soon to be acquired CHOO Tigers jersey!
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