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  1. Seriously, I'm not trying to deflect. Just curious why you only blame one segment of the population that doesn't agree with you politically and offer excuses for the others. - I, admittedly with some snark, pointed out that it's not just conservatives that are an issue when it comes to getting the vaccine. I absolutely could have seen Stan post my 'fix' post, and I absolutely could see me responding to him telling him this is how G2 would 'fix' his post with your original post. I'm not arguing one side is right, just that people are a lot alike in their thinking, even if they come to completely opposite views. - you said I created a strawman - I posted numbers (sourced) that confirm the AA and hispanics segment of our population being vaccine hesitant. I never refuted your original post, nor did I counter it with a false claim, thus not a straw man argument. - you pointed out there are many different reasons why we have vaccine hesitancy among various groups. - I agreed, but again, that's not my point. You show zero empathy and only contempt for those you politically disagree with when it comes to why they don't get the vaccine. You have nothing but excuses for those that politically agree with you when it comes to why they don't get the vaccine. To truly return to normal, we need both of those groups to get the damn vaccine, regardless of their reasoning.
  2. In a macro view, they aren't different problems. We have one problem, Covid. The best way to deal with that is herd immunity. To achieve herd immunity, we need a large majority that gets vaccinated. It doesn't matter why they haven't gotten vaccinated, just that they are not vaccinated. In a micro view, of course the reasons vary among different groups of people. But that doesn't change the numbers. If we share a vehicle and carpool into work and I said i'd change the battery and never got to it, and you agreed to buy new tires, but didn't get to it, it doesn't mean it's only one persons fault why we're not getting to work on time that day.
  3. How is it a straw man when less than half of all black and hispanic people have received at least one does? source White Trump voters are part of the problem, but they aren't the only problem when it comes towards trying to get to herd immunity.
  4. Since Stan isn't here anymore, figured i'd 'fix' your statement based on what Stan would say.
  5. Dude, I don't know if you're trolling me or not, but didn't you argue that who cares what the FDA says/does as they caused the Opioid epidemic? Plus it's the military, for six months it's been under the full control of Biden.
  6. You guys go through so many creative loops to justify what politicians do when they have a D next to them. If this was an R, getting big money from outside of Michigan, you'd be seething at how corrupt it is. Every governor since 1984 (which is when this specific recall language was introduced) has faced recall. Whitmer appears to be the first to use it, even when there isn't a serious recall effort in play. Just funny how that shady crap is applauded when it's your side doing it.
  7. If elected, DeVos will have a recall effort against her, 100% guaranteed. You guys are seriously defending this? You do realize this is Hamas/Israel type stuff, right? 'Well, I bombed you because you bombed us' "Well we bombed you then because you refused to negotiate x" 'Well we refused to negotiate x because you were ignoring the previous x agreement' "Well we ignored x agreement because......" How about the grown up's in the room act in good faith? Can we ask that and expect it out of everyone?
  8. Indeed, great for her. I'm also so excited when DeVos uses her own money to overcome this effort from Whitmer and then we have DeVos using the same strategy to recoup that money and get another 4 years for Michigan...yay us.
  9. I think there is an argument that money had already been dispensed a few times and we have a little bit better understanding with how the economy will/has worked through this pandemic. Republicans appear to have come to the table on Infrastructure which I think I could argue would provide a longer sustained stimulus to the economy over the next few years. Many GOP'ers wanted this under Trump, but the Dems balked, in large part because they didn't think 350 billion was enough. 4 years later we're only getting about 500 billion in new spending.
  10. https://www.mlive.com/public-interest/2021/07/oversized-donations-to-whitmer-prompt-campaign-finance-complaint.html She may not be breaking the law, but certainly skirting it. There is currently no recall efforts even close to getting her recalled.
  11. Yes, 100%. And the sucky thing is, Dems want the same thing when they don't have the presidency.
  12. Glad to see Biden moving towards mandating for the military. Never understood how you can say the vaccine is critical and then not give it to the folks responsible for our protection, the same ones that have to get in line with any/all military required vaccinations already.
  13. You're certainly not wrong, but I do think there is nuance that can be involved as well. And to a point, it doesn't matter with some folks. My wife's relationship with her aunt (like a second mom) and her grandma was like this. My wife was the first in her family to go to college, Grandma was proud, but made comments where you know she wasn't comfortable about it either. They would have conversations and my wife would deliver cold hard truths as you say. Grandma never budged on the topic. My wife and aunt would talk, aunt would change/accept something, a few days later after Grandma and the aunt talked, Grandma now agreed with my wife.
  14. I agree that both of these comments are annoying, it's the troll mentality of politics now. Republicans have heard the left say 'my body, my choice' for years, so when this issue came up, in their mind it fits and they are going to throw it back. Taking out any differences you may have on vaccine vs abortion, it's still hypocritical of the right to do this. Additionally Democrats have heard the '**** your feelings' from the right for so long, that when it comes to something they want to advocate, it's the perfect '**** you' response which they themselves have asked others not to do.
  15. Off hand, the FDA example alone, I don't have a specific thing to point to. That said, folks that do point that out, along with other concerns (right or wrong) tend to get lumped into two categories from left. 1) They are Qanon tin-foil wearing idiots or 2) They are greedy opportunist, selling a false narrative for cash. When I mentioned FDA initially, the first response I had was a deflection which tried to sully the FDA itself. My guess is that person really doesn't have anything against the FDA in regards to the vaccination, but the need to defend against anything that could possibly be used as anti-vax, demanded some type of response from them. That mentality is everywhere from the pro-vax crowd. I have it to a point.
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