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  1. I know most on this board will hate this, but looks like the MI GOP is starting their attacks on Whitmer a year early with an upcoming ad campaign. I know you guys think it's all crap, but it will play to the middle of the road, not all that political voter. Pfife, don't even bother, you'd have to listen to LeDuff for a minute before he plays the ad.
  2. 1) I agree with how your describing the GOP, but the average voter doesn't get into politics as much as a handful of folks on a political forum. Even if we can all see Trump is still controlling the GOP, the average person may consider that hogwash. I was making fun of McCarthy and Cruz going to see Trump to a friend and talked how much i'm surprised he's still controlling the party, my buddy who leans more liberal laughed at it. Said McCarthy and Cruz are doing that just to look good, but Trump never has cared about anything but playing golf and that's all he's doing today. 2) You're worried about Fascism and I think your right too. Many people are afraid of socialism and while i'm not as worried about that, there are some major names within the dem party that are socialist/democratic socialist. 3) Eh, you may be right, but I'd suggest you only bet what you can afford to lose. Women were abhorred by Trump and again, many may not think it's the same with him off the ballot. Latino votes surprised Dems in 2020, now they won't have much angst over border issues, so maybe they even skew further towards the GOP. 4) Dems have been saying for 40 years that everything is going to be great soon as younger generations vote liberal. They never seem to realize that as folks grow older, they tend to get more conservative. I do hope you're right about 2022, the GOP does not deserve to be in power, I'm just not as positive of that outcome.
  3. Would love to know what Dem strategist think on this, but I certainly wonder if they will work to ensure that people equate a vote for a GOP member as a vote for Trump. With Trump not on a ballot, your average voter that doesn't pay attention a ton, but was turned off enough by Trump to vote against him last time might sit at home or even worse, vote on talking points and right now Law and Order was the GOP 'trump' card. Add in the oddities of today, like the GOP bucking corporations (at least how they are selling it) and who knows. As oblong noted, the old rules may not apply.
  4. That's awesome. How did he not think the seat belt wouldn't give him away?
  5. Hey, in tough times it's not fair to ask our leaders to be transparent.
  6. Exactly, and pointing back to the stock market, that's the proof one needs to show nothing makes sense right now. Even if they shouldn't be a sole view of an economy, recessions typically lead to a dramatic downturn in the market, if you're lucky, you get a small decline. We're riding all-time highs through a shutdown that at one point we didn't even have an idea how long it might end. It wasn't like a bubble breaking, you can forecast 12-18 months before everything stabilizes and move on. Even with the vaccine uncertainty still exists, yet up, up, up, we go.
  7. Hope so I think there are aspects that they can affect, but it's more short term. In the end, if Biden demands higher taxes on corporations and the stock sinks for a bit, the fact is all those companies have to play by the same rules and if you want to invest in them, you still go into the market and find the one that you think is best. The other aspect is a consistent policy tends to help the economy more so after your gone. HW Bush put forth some policies that Clinton kept and enjoyed (Mostly Greenspan related, but also his 'no new taxes, tax increase). That said in hindsight some of those policies led to recessions later.
  8. My stock market comment was made some what in jest, in that often people think it's the sole indicator of a good economy. And trust me, I heard from a ton of liberals when Trump was in office just how bad of an indicator it was....now they love to point it out to show how the economy can be great under a democrat. Unfortunately I don't know if Boebert and MTG are one-termers. And in the direction we're going, we're going to see of these type representing us in the House. Overall though, at this rate, I would expect Dems to increase control of the House.
  9. If the GOP continues it it's direction, I hope so, but it is early and he's got 6 trillion in spending on the table, we're in a euphoria over the light at the end of this Covid tunnel, and everyone is looking at the stock market as a beacon of hope. I think police reform could get very messy, even though I would love to see some federal guidance in a complete restructure of policing. The good news if the GOP continues this direction is all the primaries will be won by crazies for the GOP and in the centrist regions that'll give the dems a big boost. It'll also mean a **** of a lot more MTG's and Boebert's as well though.
  10. Based on what measurement? I just saw one recently that ranked Michigan 51 out of 51 (including DC) as the least safest state (in terms of covid) during the pandemic.
  11. I haven't heard numbers on how widespread other strains are in Michigan, but the Brazil strain was identified about a month ago and I know the Indian strain was found in the last week. While i'd love to see the numbers drop quicker, this steady trend down is still a huge positive which three strains believed to be more contagious.
  12. Honestly never thought about it, but now that you question it, I don't get it either.
  13. Long but great article. I still remember getting into an argument with a BW3 waitress and a manager when I was hanging out with a friend from out of state on a Sunday night as they initially refused to put CNN on a Sunday night because BW3's is a sports bar, not a political one. My wife had texted me with a heads up with what was happening and thankfully they eventually listened.
  14. If you actually chose to listen, my bet is you'd agree with most of what Godbee is saying. He had an affair with another officer.
  15. Ralph Godbee interview Former Detroit Ralph Godbee is interviewed by Charlie LeDuff at about 36 minutes into this. This is the type of discussion that is needed by lawmakers if we want to see actual reforms that benefit our communities.
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