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  1. Strike out on a 12-pitch at bat for the win!
  2. Dan and Beck were chatting about it and said they like that stat. Dan said it shows the greatness of Hank Aaron. He believes there is a bigger gap between Aaron at #1 in the stat and Musial at #2 then there is between Musial and #10.
  3. Are you kidding, how was that not a compliment? Who else knows the junior crop like you, especially since kdoogie of London, Ontario left. Since you took it the wrong way, now I dislike you But seriously, over the past few months there have been half a dozen posts wondering where you went and hoping you come back.
  4. I wonder how many potential posts to this thread were lost due to the forum being down for a few days.
  5. It was good to see Fulmer get an inning in last night, at least.
  6. Forum lockdown over! Did it affect everyone or just Canadians?
  7. He sure did. And he and Eldon Auker, were the two members of the 1935 World Series champions who participated in the closing ceremony at Tiger Stadium in 1999.
  8. I was watching an episode of The Mannix, the old detective show from the '70s, at 2am this morning on MeTV. The episode was about the killing at the start of the hour of a character named Billy Rogell. The character was a 20-something African-American man but whenever later in the episode people would say "Billy Rogell didnt need to die" or asked "who would want Billy Rogell dead?" I kept picturing the Tigers player from the 1930s named Billy Rogell. The Mannix episode was rather progressive considering it first aired in 1975. Vietnam vets were having trouble re-integrating into society, one of the vets had a mute child and he explained to others that this was something called autism and what that meant, the detective's hard working "right hand man" (woman) was black, and Mannix had a phone in his car. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0641562/
  9. And 9,000 is still as much as fans in Canadian rinks at NHL rinks this entire season combined. 2500 x 3 of the playoff games for the Habs, 500 allowed at one of the Leafs playoff games and 500 allowed at two of the Jets playoff games. Free us!
  10. Tigers win in front of 9,000 fans, a thousand more than previous capacity.
  11. Lolol. Habs colour lighting up the Toronto sky.
  12. Speaking of the Kings: Darren Dreger @DarrenDreger With expansion draft looming, there’s more trade discussion developing around the NHL. The LA Kings could be a big player this offseason. The Kings are hoping to acquire two top 6 forwards through trade or free agency. 9:11 AM · Jun 8, 2021·Twitter for iPhone
  13. The Habs have won their past 7 straight and haven’t trailed in any of them. I believe that’s the 2nd longest ever playoff streak without trailing. Price has played very well but he hasn’t exactly stolen the games, as the Habs have been the better team in most or all of those 7 games. Will be heavy underdogs versus Vegas or Colorado but I would love to see a Habs-Isles final.
  14. Habs eliminated two teams in a week. The Leafs haven’t eliminated a team in 17 years.
  15. Les Canadiens ont gagnent le championnat de Canada!
  16. In 2013 that's what we thought we had with Mrazek. That he didn't really pan out, here, was a big blow to the rebuild on the fly concept.
  17. Goalie development seems to be way more unpredictable than any other position. Let people do the dirty work of drafting and developing goalies; there are always plenty of 28 year olds available and it's a bit of a wildcard from year to year as to who does well. Look at how Carolina has gotten serviceable play out of Mrazek after signing him as a free agent 3 years ago. First year at $1.5mm, next two at $3.125mm.
  18. Reminds me of the Winston Churchill quote:”A gentleman does not have a ham sandwich without mustard.”
  19. I’ve read beat writers write that Hinch has cited fatigue and a want to keep him fresh.
  20. We need Drown to let us know who we want at #6.
  21. If the Leafs took back $2mm in Marner's salary. Is that allowed?
  22. #6 overall + what to get Seth Jones?
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