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  1. Could have had a wicked game of ball hockey under the stands.
  2. Has Veleno's stock really fallen that much?
  3. Read this book. Great read, regardless of whether you are of Polish descent like I am. Also gives good context as to how and why the famous scenes of Polish cavalry fighting in the early days made total sense on limited basis for that terrain and was not at all a sign of backwardness. https://www.amazon.com/Poland-1939-Outbreak-World-War/dp/0465095380
  4. For sure. I was posting in real time and the play before made me a bit nervous, given that a Padres outfielder had muffed one earlier.
  5. Correct. It was legit and a decent way to lose a perfect game if it has to get broken up.
  6. Imagine almost losing a perfecto y a guy losing a routine fly ball in the sun.
  7. Scherzer perfect through 7 for the Dodgers versus Sam Diego. 80 pitches. Just got a tap out on a full count pitch to end the 7th.
  8. I would love to get my hands on that. I wonder if that is a re-issue by the Free Press on, say, the 100th anniversary of 1909?
  9. NHL will be at the 2022 Olympics, barring Covid disruptions.
  10. Plus I’m not a fan of giving up 1st inning 3-run homers.
  11. I’m a grumpy old man but I have to say again how much I hate the cluttered broadcast screen. Ballys’ B in top right. Extended bar in bottom right that gives me stats and matchups for games that haven’t started, even the names of today’s Tigers announcers. Belle Tire on the mound. A circle when the runner leads off. Strike zone box. Enough! I would pay more $ for a clean-screen option.
  12. When did MLB Audio start airing 30 second ads befor joining the game? I started noticing a week ago, but I’m slow on the uptake so it has been going on longer.
  13. #9 isn’t great for a team that has missed the playoffs 5 straight seasons Is Berggren now progressing well?
  14. Imagine if they pull out two wins in just over a week from muffed up 2 out 9 inning put outs.
  15. So if you were the Habs would you match the Kotkaniemi’s offer sheet? I might not but the compensation isn’t fabulous. I think the Habs will match it.
  16. Try this link I set up for Dickerson’s call of Miggy’s 500th https://www.dropbox.com/s/j82kt9l7vqct7lm/Miggy 500 DD Call.m4a?dl=0
  17. I have the DD call as an mp3 on phone. Give me a few minutes
  18. Never heard of Oesterle. Just looked him up now. I was on vacation the last week of July when he was signed.
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