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  1. So Schoop might lose his 16-game hit streak but score the winning run.
  2. The Red Wings really need to start hitting on their 1st round picks. Hopefully Zadina, Seider and Raymond represent turning a corner after Svech, Cholo and (jury still out) Rasmussen.
  3. Boring re-signing, but not cringey, 1 year, so fine.
  4. From a longtime Edmonton sportswriter
  5. Still digesting the blockbuster Canucks-Coyotes trade. If OEL were the player he was 3 years ago, I’d like it for the Canucks. Seems like he has had quite a decline though.
  6. So in addition to swapping #23 for #15, the Wings send a 2nd and 5th to Dallas.
  7. May 7 and July 23 In the Central, the Tigers during that span only are: 2.5 worse than CWS 6.0 better than Cleveland 9.5 games better than Minnesota 15.0 games better than KC
  8. They're only 4.5 games behind 3rd place in the wildcard race. So if 2nd place Oakland were to collapse (Tigers 9.0 games behind) that race is less daunting. But the Tigers aren't going to be better than the Yankees alone over the next 60ish games, and there are 4 other teams to pass not even counting Oakland, so it won't happen.
  9. Jays-Tigers rivalry may be as dead as Avs-Wings, but only 4 back of Toronto and I'd like to see them caught and passed.
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