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  1. I would say no. Don't retire the number of anybody who didn't spend the majority of their career as a Tiger. Scherzer already hasn't. An exception could be made for players who go into the Hall of Fame as a Tiger but don't meet that stipulation.
  2. 5 innings and all of two baserunners and no hits between the two teams.
  3. Okay, maybe go get Fiers before he gives up a third bomb.
  4. He's channeling the Victor offensive spirit on defense.
  5. It has. Average Victor these days is what we see.
  6. I'll be shocked if the Tigers score another run tonight.
  7. I still have faith that this will be corrected by the 5th inning.
  8. Just noticed somebody drew a baseball in the dirt on the infield at around the 2nd baseman's position.
  9. You were probably never seriously interested/invested in the rest of the league, but when you buy packs of baseball cards, you get cards that could be anybody on any team, so you got to know them on a casual level. Without something like that forcing you to pay attention to other teams, you don't seek it out.
  10. The TV graphics have returned, but now the radio feed is out of sync.
  11. As God is my witness, I thought the Tigers would win.
  12. The end of that inning just proves that this isn't the Tigers' night.
  13. I would say a rain delay is coming within 30 minutes. On the other hand, my weather predictions on this site are often wrong.
  14. Not having the score graphics bug on the screen is really disorienting.
  15. It still works on the MLB Roku app. But, it doesn't explicitly say "radio audio" or anything. I have to load the TV feed first, then go into the audio/captions menu and change the audio track from "English" through "natural sound" to "English Radio" which is a lot more convoluted than it used to be. I've had that happen too when I try to open a game in a browser (usually when I'm trying to watch an archived game). It nearly always can be resolved by hitting the refresh button.
  16. I thought they weren't supposed to drive on the grass.
  17. This game will not be played today. If it was a non-division game, they might wait as long as possible, but with the mass of rain moving into the area with a lot more behind it, there's no chance whatsoever.
  18. 8-pitch 1st inning. 7-pitch 2nd inning. At this rate he'll work a 0-pitch 9th.
  19. On the plus side, if he can't, we'll have ready-made memes for our gas can of a pitcher.
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