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  1. These Reds radio announcers are awful.
  2. It's probably useful to drown out the cursing.
  3. The district is rated D+24. A Republican hasn't even run in the race since 2012.
  4. The whole thing will fall apart if more players start testing positive now that they're getting back together.
  5. It could be. I take two medications related to blood pressure, and my resting heart rate (according to Fitbit, anyway) is in the low 50s. Also, on the question of weight, I would dare say that Trump and I have (or had, I've lost a lot of weight recently) similar body shapes. I was up near 270-300, and I'm 3" shorter than Trump claims to be.
  6. Phrased another way: If these protests were only going to risk the lives of the people participating I'd be saying the more the merrier, but this will affect others too and level our hospitals even longer. The same sentiment, but less callous-sounding. Basically saying that if the protestors were the only ones who might be negatively affected by their actions then nobody would have an issue with their ignorance. But assuming they were spreading the virus among themselves, then they're now spreading the virus among sensible people as well, for no good reason.
  7. The trouble is that if, in your example, the deaths/day drops and becomes stable (or even continues to drop), and then we relax the restrictions. What happens? People start intermingling again, and infections and deaths go right back through the roof and we go back to quarantine. We can't really let up until this thing is effectively gone, whether through herd immunity via universal infection (which means many, many deaths), vaccine (next year at best), or tightening restrictions so much that people can't interact anymore so that this dies out. And given the global nature of society, every country on Earth has to be on board if we go with that last one.
  8. My firm belief is that Trump is going to apply extreme pressure to the FDA to fast-track approval of a vaccine to be distributed ahead of the election, especially if it becomes very clear that he's going to lose. It would not surprise me at all if this results in even more death and suffering because proper testing protocols were skipped along the way.
  9. Yes, but presumably it's a little grey about what can and can't happen. Many states have agricultural checkpoints. I would assume that a state could set up a health checkpoint in the same way that most states set up, say, a DUI checkpoint. But I'm not sure what they can legally do if they find someone with symptoms. Being sick is not in itself a crime, so nobody is breaking a law by crossing a state border while infected. Besides, most states have all sorts of back roads that cross a border. No idea how any state thinks they could actually enforce such a ban anyway.
  10. Amazon is already extending shipping times for non-essentials. If they had to shut down completely for 14 days, I don't think it would be that impactful, as long as they were able to return after that.
  11. There's nothing to stop a state from holding a federal election if it so chooses because Congress has set the date by statute and only Congress can change it. Plus, I don't think there's anything specifically preventing states from choosing electors to the Electoral College in any manner they choose (emergency legislation enabling it would probably have to be passed by each state). There's no hard and fast requirement that states have to have public elections to choose their electors. The 17th Amendment requires states to choose senators by popular vote, and only allows for the appointment of senators to fill a vacancy until a special election can be held. I don't know if a vacancy caused by a failure to hold an election at all could really be filled by appointment. I don't know if a House Speaker's term ends with the end of a Congressional term (e.g. the end of the "116th" Congress that happens prior to the end of the presidential term) or if it does indeed carry over until the new Congress sees fit to hold another election for the chair.
  12. How are you going to do no interleague with 15 teams per league? Unless you do staggered series so that at least 1 team per league is off each day. But then you can't fit as many games into a short season as possible. It's going to be an unbalanced schedule, there's no getting around it. And that will probably mean expanded playoffs.
  13. The point is to save money to reduce the financial hit being caused by not having a season. The amount of money being saved by not having a draft will likely be far less than the amount of money being lost due to not having a season.
  14. I would say it's highly unlikely that this thing is over that quickly. It could easily go on for months.
  15. I don't see this game being started. Too much rain in the area.
  16. Abandon hope all ye who enter here. Or, if you're here, you probably already have.
  17. Is it even possible for cloud storage to be a hand-me-down?
  18. On the plus side, Gameday has a graphic of the actual stadium for its background.
  19. This was their dress rehearsal for the CWS anyway. They'd rather discover the problem with this game than with one that matters.
  20. I'm watching ESPN on Directv Now and ESPN is showing the NESN feed of the Tex-Bos game with a note about "Technical difficulties at Omaha".
  21. On the plus side, Michigan will be playing in this stadium on Saturday.
  22. "Chronic changes to the knee" sounds like an 1860s diagnosis.
  23. I don't think they're going to give you the free stuff at an Arby's near you.
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