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  1. Ivan Nova now has the longest start of the year so far for the Tigers.
  2. Well, let's see what they do the second time around.
  3. Then what was the point of the Taxi squads? Unless they thought they were going to get away with isolated cases instead of what the Marlins did.
  4. At least the Tigers are only trending towards 6 K's tonight.
  5. Freddie Freeman got so sick he was praying he'd survive. A Red Sox pitcher has developed heart inflammation and is sidelined. While the risk of death is much lower for the athletes, that certainly doesn't mean that people aren't going to be significantly affected. Milder cases seem to have more long-lasting symptoms, like fatigue and weakness and reduced body function. Plus, the coaches, stadium, staff, etc. aren't exactly limited by age.
  6. For as little offense as there has been on either side, it feels like this game is dragging badly.
  7. I think Maybin left the game early yesterday due to a "lower-body cramp", so probably.
  8. I wonder if that's a consequence of the remote-broadcasting setup they're doing. In the past when they weren't synced up, I recall that radio was typically behind, whereas it's ahead now.
  9. Galvis damn near caught up to the lead runner on that home run trot. It would have been amusing if he had passed him.
  10. While the hope is that everyone is uninfected, realistically you might not know until it's too late (after the onset of being contagious). Switching out balls frequently is a relatively easy (and reasonably cheap) thing to do that can lower the risk of the virus spreading if anybody has it.
  11. These Reds radio announcers are awful.
  12. It's probably useful to drown out the cursing.
  13. The district is rated D+24. A Republican hasn't even run in the race since 2012.
  14. The whole thing will fall apart if more players start testing positive now that they're getting back together.
  15. It could be. I take two medications related to blood pressure, and my resting heart rate (according to Fitbit, anyway) is in the low 50s. Also, on the question of weight, I would dare say that Trump and I have (or had, I've lost a lot of weight recently) similar body shapes. I was up near 270-300, and I'm 3" shorter than Trump claims to be.
  16. Phrased another way: If these protests were only going to risk the lives of the people participating I'd be saying the more the merrier, but this will affect others too and level our hospitals even longer. The same sentiment, but less callous-sounding. Basically saying that if the protestors were the only ones who might be negatively affected by their actions then nobody would have an issue with their ignorance. But assuming they were spreading the virus among themselves, then they're now spreading the virus among sensible people as well, for no good reason.
  17. The trouble is that if, in your example, the deaths/day drops and becomes stable (or even continues to drop), and then we relax the restrictions. What happens? People start intermingling again, and infections and deaths go right back through the roof and we go back to quarantine. We can't really let up until this thing is effectively gone, whether through herd immunity via universal infection (which means many, many deaths), vaccine (next year at best), or tightening restrictions so much that people can't interact anymore so that this dies out. And given the global nature of society, every country on Earth has to be on board if we go with that last one.
  18. My firm belief is that Trump is going to apply extreme pressure to the FDA to fast-track approval of a vaccine to be distributed ahead of the election, especially if it becomes very clear that he's going to lose. It would not surprise me at all if this results in even more death and suffering because proper testing protocols were skipped along the way.
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