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  1. Nobody. St. Ives has been sealed off by Homeland Security.
  2. Each big cat has 7 small cats. There are 7 big cats for each rucksack. So, there are 49 small cats and 7 big cats in each rucksack, for a total of 56. There are 7 x 7 rucksacks for a total of 49, so the total number of cat legs is: 4 x 49 x 56. Add in the 14 legs from the children, and you get 10990.
  3. Santa Claus is really down on his luck this year.
  4. November 4, 2008 at around 7:23 AM PST, with an epicenter in San Fransisco Bay. This will, of course, disrupt the presidential election, allowing California to swing to the Republicans. This will lead to four more years of a super-conservative Republican in the White House. God help us all.
  5. Nate Robertson promised this morning during the Detroit Parade that the 2008 World Series would go to Detroit.
  6. You can burn m4a songs to a cd via iTunes; at least, I did with the songs I downloaded from there (so as to remove DRM, and turn them into mp3s for use on my (non-Ipod) mp3 player). Unless it's changed from when I tried it, you can't do anything with music downloaded from Ruckus but listen to it on the computer you downloaded it to, unless you pay.
  7. That's alright. He deserves a nice, quick day. Maybe he'll get some sleep in the upcoming season.
  8. Meh, this thread will probably go off on a tangent.
  9. Central Michigan 0 3 7 24 34 Western Michigan 7 0 0 24 31 Heck of a fourth quarter.
  10. I'm kind of watching. I have an internet stream running, but I'm not really paying attention. I'm a bad, bad Chippewa.
  11. You're both wrong. CMU 58, Ball State 31 in the 4th quarter
  12. Well, in today's market, there should be plenty of choices to be had, and cheaply.
  13. The Bermuda high is right in the middle of any path to the north for Karen. However, I think after making a turn to the west, Karen will turn back north and get carried up to extratropicalism. She's gotta go around the high, but there's a cold front that will either absorb her or force her north again.
  14. Airplane! - The crash-landing sequence (the whole movie, really...).
  15. You answered 52 out of 60 correctly — 86.67 % Better than I was expecting.
  16. No, I don't think so, although there seem to be quite a few of those. (I'm too lazy to go find out).
  17. You could find a top play on the MLB website and record the audio. Craig Monroe's grand slam from July 19, 2006 has a pretty good balance of both of them.
  18. Well, he'll probably forget, and turn to throw it into the first base dugout.
  19. Not to nitpick, but Craig's grand slam last year against the Sox was in July (19th), not August. I know, because I was at that game. And it was awesome.
  20. I was being facetious, of course, but should NO receive another major hurricane in the near future, things will be just as bad as Katrina was. It seems like there has been more blame handed out by the city and state governments than actual improvement of the levees and emergency response systems. See http://www.nola.com/news/t-p/metro/index.ssf?/base/news-23/1186124099211910.xml&coll=1 for information on a "Katrina Tribunal". That said, given Dean's current track, Hispaniola will probably get an angled strike, which would drag the core of the storm over land for a while, weakening it considerably (depending on speed). Still a long way to go, however. High pressure will probably keep dragging Dean west, perhaps as far as the Yucatan peninsula.
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