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  1. 35 minutes ago, Melody said:

    I had to laugh at my husband yesterday.  We were going into the Sam's Club when he remarked, "It is honor system for masks here, right?"  (He is vaccinated.). I confirmed but reminded him that I had put an image of his vaccination card on his cell phone.  He said, "I'd rather wear the mask than have to show proof of vaccination."  Huh?  Don't know where that came from because he really hasn't been resistant to wearing a mask or to being vaccinated.  I laughed but let it drop.  He does what he does, sometimes for unfathomable reasons.  And I don't argue with him over things that don't matter.  

    Perhaps he decided it was easier to wear a mask than to worry about being challenged on his vaccination status.  Like he didn't really believe that people would yet be OK with him not wearing a mask. Or maybe he thinks people will judge him for not wearing a mask even though it's permissible now.

    Where I live, the mask mandate was lifted on Friday (at least for vaccinated people; not sure if it's for everybody, though there likely will be no enforcement). Nearly everybody since then that I've seen continues to wear a mask (myself included).  It's not because few people are vaccinated; for me, it's because there's no cost or downside to wearing a mask against the cost of a breakthrough infection.

  2. 4 hours ago, chasfh said:

    OK, I am asking for your opinion.

    A nephew of mine wants to come out to visit. I would like to have him visit because he’s never done so since he became an adult and I’ve been in Chicago. This would be the first time he’s even been in Chicago.

    He’s vax shy, at the very least, nervous about side effects I guess, although he didn’t say exactly (and I didn’t press). He’s not at all political, although I suspect his circle and his immediate family (his mom divorced my brother and remarried some 25 years ago) are, if not actual red hats, then perhaps red-hat adjacent, by dint of being west Wayne County blue collar folks. But he’s given zero indication he’s anything like that. Nevertheless, avoiding the vax is probably not something I can reason him out of, although I did give him my one and only soft sell job on the benefits, the comfort of knowing you’re safe, keeping others safe, etc. 

    We had talked in early May about him coming out this weekend actually, but when I inquired whether he was vaxxed, that’s when I learned of his shyness, so he’s not here. My main concern was vaxxed me still getting the virus and passing it on to unvaxxed him.

    Since then, the science has strengthened around the idea about vaxxed people being far less likely to get the virus, far less likely to spread it if they do get it, and retaining immunity far longer than previously hoped. All the news is good, and my understanding is that the improving news is the main reason the CDC and states are now allowing vaxxed people to go around indoors without masks, even at the risk of encountering unvaxxed people who everyone knows some will go unmasked.

    So here’s my question:

    Given the strengthened science, do i still invite him to visit for the weekend, even if he doesn’t get vaxxed? I want to show him around town and I would insist we mask up in public together, even though we’d also hang out at the house unmasked. I’m feeling better about it now than I did in early may, but … what do you think?

    What are the new case numbers like in Chicago vs where he's coming from?  He might be more likely to catch it at home than with you.

    Also, time with you might give you a stronger platform to convince him to get a vaccine (perhaps even getting one while he's there).

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  3. 18 minutes ago, Gehringer_2 said:

    so as I think about it, a great thing about a no hitter is that it's execution and the end of game come at same instant. Most team sport athletic milestones are reached in the middle of game, that must then go on - usually anti-climatically - after the game has to stop for the athlete to be recognized and cheered etc. But last pitch of a no hitter is both the climax of the accomplishment and also (with incredibly rare exception) the end of the game. Makes it the perfect package.

    I had to think for a minute about how an MLB-defined no-hitter would not end on the last pitch by the winning pitcher.  But then I remembered when the Marlins no-hit the Tigers and had to win on a walk-off wild pitch.

  4. 2 minutes ago, lordstanley said:

    Great call by Dan, wish I had recorded the final half inning. 

    To be honest, it sounded like he flubbed it just a bit.  It sounded like he said "The 6th man to throw the 8th no-hitter in Tigers history", which is a funky way of describing it (though I know what he meant).

  5. 15 minutes ago, RandyMarsh said:

    Dan has said that Safeco or I guess T-Mobile Park now is his favorite park in the league, perhaps he just wanted to go out and enjoy the scenery?

    Perhaps, although there wouldn't exactly be any urgency to go now; it isn't going anywhere for years yet.  Unless, of course, he thinks he might not be in the job soon, or (more likely) teams are considering making the broadcaster non-travel thing permanent as a cost-saving measure, even post-pandemic.

  6. 33 minutes ago, brideck said:

    Yeah, that I'm not sure of.  I had gotten the impression that Dan had driven himself to Cleveland and Chicago from things that were said on the air, so I was truly surprised to hear that he's actually in Seattle.

    I would imagine Dan probably has a personal reason for choosing to take himself all the way to Seattle.  Maybe one of his kids lives there now?  I also wonder if Jim will be back full-time next year, now that he's getting a taste of retirement between the shortened season last year and the days off when Dan travels to away games.

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