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  1. The at-bat before that was a fly ball out that looked a little iffy for the sun before it was caught, but the double was a solid hit to the wall away from the right fielder. The sun had nothing to do with that one.
  2. 45 hits to get in 36 games (if he plays every remaining game). Not great odds.
  3. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/playoffs/2019/10/23/josh-reddick-interference-world-series-astros-nationals/4078048002/ In 2019, catcher's interference was not reviewable. https://www.mlb.com/news/jurickson-profar-catcher-s-interference-vs-dodgers It's apparently reviewable this year.
  4. Anyone listening to the radio just had a mini-heart attack as Dan accidentally said "Cabrera" instead of "Candelario" as the latter was hitting a HR.
  5. Maybe. He got in through the Veteran's Committee, who might tend to care less about that stuff. Certainly less than sportswriters whose jobs depend on public opinion of them.
  6. What happens if they decide they can only play one game tonight? Do they go 9 innings, or stick to the planned 7?
  7. If they don't release him, with the remaining two years of his contract, he ought to make it to both. He's only 109 hits and 9 HRs away; he ought to be able to get that much by accident at this point.
  8. Perhaps he decided it was easier to wear a mask than to worry about being challenged on his vaccination status. Like he didn't really believe that people would yet be OK with him not wearing a mask. Or maybe he thinks people will judge him for not wearing a mask even though it's permissible now. Where I live, the mask mandate was lifted on Friday (at least for vaccinated people; not sure if it's for everybody, though there likely will be no enforcement). Nearly everybody since then that I've seen continues to wear a mask (myself included). It's not because few people are vaccinated; for me, it's because there's no cost or downside to wearing a mask against the cost of a breakthrough infection.
  9. What are the new case numbers like in Chicago vs where he's coming from? He might be more likely to catch it at home than with you. Also, time with you might give you a stronger platform to convince him to get a vaccine (perhaps even getting one while he's there).
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