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  1. Back when I was coaching high school we didnt use lefties at any infield position other then 1st for a few different reasons. The main reason for 3rd base and short was because they struggle with footwork and body position on turnings a double play and on any play they had to charge straight forward on. 2nd base because of the throw to first. Catcher was a little bit different as I have had one play for me before. Outside of the obvious with the majority of hitters being right handed making a tougher throw the ball tails away from the runner stealing 2nd and puts the fielder in the base path to place the tag. Throwing to 3rd was a nightmare as they struggle to get enough on the throw to get a base stealer.
  2. might be worth it have you seen his wife?
  3. Anyone think going after Josh Johnson for the 4th or 5th starter on a one year deal would be worth it? If he can get himself healthy it could be a low cost win and is the type of move I am hoping the Tigers do this off season.
  4. I would not be surprised if they go after Tomas and try to resign Vmart if they miss out on either they sign Torii for one more year in hopes he can continue to perform offensively and not take anymore steps back defensively or splits time at DH.
  5. i dont mind sending him to try and keep him away from a double play, it was just bad luck.
  6. Not sure if anyone caught what their doing at 5/3 field this weekend , but here's a link if anyone is interested. http://www.13abc.com/story/26624351/hitting-the-links-at-53rd-field-worlds-first-outfield-mini-golf
  7. I am so happy that Brad consistently over manages a game and now we are left with Carrera and Kelly instead of JD and Castellanos in this situation......
  8. Don't forget that Knebel is very close to be ready in AAA right now as well. I would be surprised if he wasn't up with the Tigers after the break. Ray very well could also help out in the bullpen come September and playoff time. This team is and if they stay healthy will be a very tough out for anyone in the playoffs.
  9. I get what your saying and obviously everyone would pick both being strong, but with that said if their going to sacrifice something I'd much rather it be the farm, the core is plenty young enough to allow time for a farm to be built up, while still giving us a strong chance to win a championship.
  10. Why does that even matter? His job is to create a team that challenges for the World series every year, the farm system is just a tool to use to accomplish that. They way he uses that tool it to trade away prospects while value is high to improve the major league roster.
  11. Agree 100% and if I'm management and we make the playoffs both Garcia and Castellanos will be on the playoff roster
  12. My thinking is that the Tigers by putting Smyly in the bullpen the are going to limit his early innings so that if a starter goes down or they trade for a need with say Porcello during the year he can step in and not have any innings limit. Where as if he starts in Toledo he is using the same amount of innings. That and he simply is one of the 12 best pitchers we have.
  13. I agree he should never see the MLB mound again as a starter. But come in to get a tough lefty out he could be very good you dont give up on a guy with his stuff, you find a role for them they can excel in
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