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  1. Leave it to the Wings to help snap the Islanders 6 game home losing streak. Glad March is over.
  2. Good couple minutes there by the Wings after a lackluster start to the period but still nothing to show for it.
  3. Sad news. Wishing him all the best on what has to be a tough night to coach.
  4. In comes Howard. Really, that was the first goal I thought was really on him.
  5. On another note, I am watching the Islanders broadcast, and it's kind of funny seeing Shannon Hogan again.
  6. Wings took two bad penalties and turned the puck over in their own zone, which lead to an easy goal. I am not sure if the Islanders dressed a goaltender though.
  7. Well that was frustrating. The downfall of this team in the playoffs will be their sloppy play in their own zone. Too many sloppy turnovers, no ability to outlet clean.
  8. Absolutely. This win would be huge, especially if they keep playing the way they did. That should give them some confidence going forward.
  9. That was the best period I have seen the Wings play in a long time. Not just because of the goals. They killed off a big early 5-3, they dominated the pace of play, they generated several quality chances, and of course they put the puck in the back of the net. Great period.
  10. One huge problem the Wings have had lately is turnovers, especially in their own zone. They are coughing it up way too often in their own zone and giving up quality scoring chances because of it.
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