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  1. KL, why are you so deadset against the numbers that Mario would make $500,000 a year? Honestly, that's not surprising at all, there's only so many MLB teams. Especially with the tv viewership and region of the Tigers. Joe Buck and Al Michaels make $6,000,000 - $7,000,000 a year. That's the all star team of payscales. 1/2 million for a daily gig for a tenured MLB broadcaster is expected.
  2. For the op that posted the link for sportscaster announcer salaries, you do realize that was an average of everything from independent ball, a ball, on up to AAA, and MLB, right? That average of all of them combined, including MLB is $55k a year.
  3. Tigers are one of the biggest market's. 1/2 mill a year for a full time gig as regional broadcaster is good money if tenured that long.
  4. It's too bad two careers took a hit like this one. It's likely they will never see the audience or lucrative contract they were likely making ($350,000k Rod and $500,000+ Mario / yearly are the estimates). As a baseball fanatic, I love Gibson's insights, as a player and manager he brings that insight. However, as some have noted, he definitely delivers to the baseball fans and not the everyday 'flick on the channel passerby'. I couldn't imagine him being the analyst full time. I remember well a few years ago being on the road for a Tigers series. We were at the hotel the team was staying at. Mario was great with fans, took time with each person. I saw Rod and he nodded. I remember at the time saying how completely separated the two were in their interactions and distance.
  5. Simply put, Ausmus was just never a fit in Detroit. Gardenhire's personality is. That's what it comes down to...
  6. I hear ya. We all get our time here and that was his moment and highlight on those fields with his camera. I am definitely a reminscer.
  7. Always think of HueyTaxi's post around this time of year, definitely miss those!
  8. Well, the immediate thought would be Wilson. But he's been lights out in the 8th. What about giving Leon a shot straight into the 9th. Might catch lightening in a bottle, send down Bell and bring him up. Not likely a long term solution, but may work for a bit.
  9. Sure is nice to have baseball back.. another season.... hey all!
  10. Very curious what Illitch said in this regard if anything or what his current health is.
  11. Remember the good ole' days when Avila advised DD?
  12. Just read this, "David Littlefield, vice president of player development for the Detroit Tigers, told the Free Press in a phone interview this morning that he had tried calling the Triple-A Toledo outfielder, but had not spoken to him one day after a dugout tiff with manager Lloyd McClendon." http://www.freep.com/story/sports/mlb/tigers/2016/07/10/detroit-tigers-anthony-gose-lloyd-mcclendon/86919086/ No call no show? He's really putting Avila in the worst situation here. Either Avila backs him and allows him back with AAA, he apologizes, or he's released. All scenarios Lloyd doesn't look great here...
  13. To revisit. Fair to say win win for both teams, but I am loving this trade. It's even a more of a win if Cespedes opts out of his 3 year deal next year. Easily one of the best big picture trades for Tigers in recent years it is appearing. Fulmer's initial reaction. “It kind of was out of nowhere,” Fulmer said. “I didn’t have any idea. I walk inside and all my teammates start clapping, saying there’s the new Tiger. They’re watching MLB Network, my name and face are up there with Cespedes. “That moment was kind of surreal [but] it was nice to be wanted. So, hopefully I can prove to the Tigers that they made a good choice and that I’m here to stay.” Also, the New York perspective http://www.nj.com/mets/index.ssf/2016/06/michael_fulmer_yoenis_cespedes_trade.html
  14. It's really remarkable to watch a fundamentally sound team like the Pirates that play the game so correctly. It reveals the Tigers inconcistencies that much more. A manager may not have a huge effect of the in game play, but he certainly does team game plan and dynamics.
  15. Our old humble friend Mr. Cespdedes showed up in a nice little bicycle for ST today.
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