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  1. We are out numbered a bit I that political thread. But keep up the good fight . . They can't respond to logic, nor can they back up with facts.  I'll be there to help when I can. 

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    2. stanpapi


      I have a friend down there as well who says the same thing. The funny thing is, here in metro detroit, I have not seen one yard sign for either presidential candidate. Not one. I've been told there are some trump signs not far from where I live, but I haven't seen it. Frankly, I think people are skittish about waking up to property damage (on both sides). 

      Just saw some incredible stuff about Iowa and NY (of all places). I don't think NY is even remotely realistic, but Iowa is going to flip. The numbers I have seen are starting to suggest more of a wave type election, but I'm not about to suggest that to these guys. They can't figure out an unrealistic D over sample, so a wave election for Trump will totally blow their minds....

    3. JAYB


      How deep have you gotten into the emails?

      There is some wild stuff, to say the least if true. 

    4. stanpapi


      Pretty deep, although I've had less time to look at them lately. They've gotten progressively worse/bizarre as the dumps have continued. It truly is a vile group of people who work in that profession (political party operatives). I take that back a bit...saying all of them are bad is generalizing, and I'm sure the republicans have their share of bad apples. But some of the stuff they've said is simply stunning. And the thing I find most humorous is what these guys have actually put into writing. It's like they were never taught "don't write it unless you are ok with it seeing the light of day".

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