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  1. Haven't been on in ages but wanted to weigh in on the signing. Our lineup has a lot of question marks next year. A lot of guys who have been "inconsistent" last few years Torii hit .313 16/92 last year but .262 23/82 year before. that is a .51 pt difference in batting average Avila hit .295 19/82 two years ago but only .243 9/48 last year. that is a .52 pt difference in batting average Jackson hit .300 16/66 last year but .249 10/45 the year before. that is a .51 pt difference in batting average Jhonny hit .299 21/86 two years ago but .239 13/63 last year. that is a .60 pt differenc in batting average To a lesser extent Dirks (with limited AB) - .322 8/35 last year but .251 7/28 year before. .71 pt difference in average thats over half our starters who last two years have had .50+ point differences in batting average. And another starter is coming off a season without playing a game. I would expect Omar to hit in the .270s and Miguel and Prince to do what they do, but I think the rest of the lineup is full of question marks.
  2. I like Jake's strategy, start out pointing at what his teammates are doing to win games and attribute it to Tebow. Then when they suck, his players around him aren't helping him. Then when Tebow has such a bad game, no explanation can be give other than he sucks, he brings up his college stats (and flat out makes up information). When people point out his info is wrong and irrelevant, he brings up ANOTHER QBs stats. Wonder where he will go next with this discussion?
  3. Couple things Jake 1. This isnt Tebow's first season. He started a few games last year. He was actually better last year than this year. He got worse 2. Tebow is OLDER than Stafford is, and yet has accomplished nowhere near what Stafford has. 3. Stafford has only played in 6 MORE games than Tebow has in their career. I dont see Tebow throwing for 5500 yards and 43 TDs in the next 6 games to match Stafford's numbers. 4. And Stafford 53% passer rating has gotten better every year, and is 63.5% now and again, he is YOUNGER than Tebow. By the way, Tebow's is 46.5% this year, that is still significantly worse than Stafford's rookie year. Come back next year Jake if you really want to compare Stafford to Tebow, we will see if Tebow's third season can even sniff the season Stafford put together this year.
  4. Thats SV MO around these parts, have to take jabs at other posters on this forums teams instead of enjoying his own.
  5. And he won 1....and he is 8-6 as a starter (but you are going to ignore the 1-2 he was last year, because dont let facts get in the way of a good story, right?), man your facts are just plane wrong now.
  6. He won 1 and his team made the playoffs at 8-8 in the worst division in football... Are we going to forget he was 1-2 last year as a starter too?
  7. A pick the drive before that, a pick in OT. Georgia's kicker let him off the hook.
  8. They also lost their head coach, but no that doesn't have anything to do with it... Tebow also had a 9-4 season his first season starting, the year AFTER winning a national title with another starting QB. Yea, lets just skew stats to make your point look good...
  9. Verlander had sub 3.5 era both two years before last year....give up Jake, you aren't making any sense
  10. State won the game, but Cousins almost cost them that game multiple times. Their defense won them the game, not Cousins
  11. Just because UGA was in the SEC doesnt make them any better than their ranking shows. VT and Clemson are both rated higher and for a reason. UGA was an overrated team as it is, look at their schedule, they didn't really beat anyone other than Auburn who was barely a top 25 team. They didnt have to play LSU, Alabama, or Arkansas in conference (until LSU in the title game). The SEC east stunk this year. And a BCS game means a hell of a lot if you ask me and State fans agree, there is a reason State fans were so pissed off they didnt make it and Michigan did, if this game was similar why would they have even cared? I am not trying to discredit MSU win by any means. It was a good win against a pretty good team. Getting a bowl win gets one of the monkeys off of msu's back. The next one is making a BCS game (or winning the Big Ten outright).
  12. I wouldn't want to turn college football into a new civil war if I were you, because if you did, the outcome would have been a hell of a lot different.
  13. Good win for MSU, the next step for this program is to end the 24 year bcs bowl draught.
  14. 0-3 so far for the Big Ten. State down 7 with 5 minutes left.
  15. Refs missed an obvious offside and then didnt call a personal foul for a couple shots taken after the whistle. Bad play for the officials after what I would call a pretty well officiated game
  16. I dont get UGA playcalling now, they have been passing well most of the game, and then they call two straight run plays to go into 3rd and real long.
  17. playcalling has been much better this drive. I like the draw against the blitz and they actually ran a 3rd down play past the sticks.
  18. I meant on 3rd down, leading to 4th down, but yea the playcalling has been bad. Huge turnover maybe will get state some momentum
  19. Why do they keep throwing it short of the marker on 4th down? So frustrating
  20. If Michigan claimed national titles the way MSU does, Bo would have won 1973 and 1985.
  21. The upper deck seems pretty empty from every shot I see of it.
  22. Big Ten going for 0-5 again? South Carolina v. Nebraska and Florida v. Ohio St still up for grabs. This game isnt over either.
  23. He beat his man on that sack, although Murray needs to get rid of the ball faster. Defensive struggle right now
  24. Michigan only won 10+ games 6 times in 13 years, and only once in the last 4 years of Lloyd Carr. I would say VT has been a better program than Michigan since the turn of the century (2000). Michigan only has won 10+ games 4 times in that span while VT has won 10+ 10 times in that span.
  25. And Georgia looks like they are refusing to block Gholston. Its not even like Gholston is beating their lineman, they just aren't blocking him and he is running into the backfield untouched. That has happened numerous times already.
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