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  1. They can be very valuable. I think the problem is being sucked in and overpaying on that second contract, when they start to break down and you are essentially paying for past performance.
  2. I'll be interested to see how the Lions respond this year. If they get a couple of early wins I could see them playing better than expected. My feeling is that the team last year just quit on Patricia so it's hard to tell what the Lions really have. Also Watt seems like a perfect player for Dan Campbell. It's not going to happen because Watt is going to go to a contender. Would love to see him on the Browns.
  3. The Rams.have had good success drafting later in the draft. Which could change now that Holmes is here. Also I believe that McVay believes he is just a QB away from winning it all. Losing all that draft capital will eventually hurt the Rams if they don't continue to get starters later in the draft.
  4. I believe enough people believed that narrative to get the draft haul they did for Stafford. I don't necessarily believe it. Some of the questions about Stafford could/will be answered by the change in scenery.
  5. I just don't think anyone "won" this trade. Both teams got exactly what they wanted. It just matters what the Lions do with the draft capital. I am really happy with the trade. Because I don't think Goff is a bum and it gives the Lions flexibility with front office staff with proven draft records.
  6. Were the Lions going to light the league on fire next year? They took on the contract for extra draft capital. It's as simple as that.
  7. I agree. I'd rather have Stafford than Goff, but it's not like Goff is Gardner Minshew.
  8. Not everybody says the Lions "won" this trade https://www.yahoo.com/sports/why-rams-won-stafford-goff-044505617.html I completely disagree with this article. This trade gave each team exactly what they needed. The Rams are built to win now and Stafford gives them a better chance. The Lions are not built to win now, but they can at least be respectable with Goff. This upcoming year was going to be a difficult one with or without Stafford. So they are really only on the hook for 1 season with Goff. You can certainly draft a QB next year because you can rid yourself of Goff's contract after the 2022 season. It also doesn't necessarily preclude the Lions from drafting a QB this season if there is one the Lions really like.
  9. The perception is that Stafford lost because of the Lions organization, but the Rams won despite Goff. Which makes signing Goff to that big extension such a terrible mistake. A mistake the Lions were able to take advantage of, thankfully.
  10. 100% correct. I can't imagine what Rodgers would command in a trade, based on this Stafford trade. My biggest fear would be that Rodgers would somehow become available and thus drive down Stafford's price. I think it's funny that the Lions had to take the "penalty" of accepting Goff's contract. IMO it really helps the Lions. They have a passable QB and now have the draft capital to fill the many holes on this team. Holmes really took advantage of the Rams. I'm sure he knew how much McVay wanted to get rid of Goff.
  11. Stafford's side arm throws will be on all of the highlight shows now. The drop off for the Lions is not huge. This gives them plenty of options now.
  12. I think moving quick on the trade was the correct move. It seems there was a lot of buzz about Stafford's availability. I cant imagine getting a better deal than this from any other team. Especially if Goff plays well.
  13. The Lions play the Rams this year, so the Lions can actually improve their draft position by winning a game. That's different.
  14. I dont care where the first rounders are. Getting 2 and a 3rd for Stafford. Would have never believed that was possible. Plus getting Goff who is just a placeholder is all right with me. Any deal the Rams made was going to have to include Goff and frankly that's probably why the Lions got 2 1st rounders.
  15. 100% agree. I think Swift will be a really good back. Hockenson is solid TE. They need a WR to stretch the field and a serviceable QB (Fitzpatrick, Taylor). Depending on draft haul for Stafford, you draft a couple WR's. I feel pretty good about the GM's ability to get the most out of the draft. I'm more worried about the defense than our offense. I don't think you can discount the fact that the team did not necessarily play hard for Patricia. If Campbell can get maximum effort than his results might be different.
  16. The Vikings D-Line controlled the game really. The dominated our offensive line, but the Lions did manage to rush effectively while Abdullah was healthy. I just think Caldwell made the decision to play it safe and not get Stafford killed. I mean Stafford almost threw at least 2 picks and he fumbled once as he was running for his life. I would have like to see more screens to maybe slow the rush down. I did notice one play where Riddick was the hot read and he missed the change at the line. The difference between this year's defense and last years defense are the turnovers, IMO. It would be hard to keep up the pace they are on. Hopefully they can get healthy and keep it up.
  17. Although I wish the Lions would score 30+ every game. I really feel that, like the Giants game, the Lions made a decision that they are just going to protect the ball and Stafford and work the clock and let the defense do their thing. I wonder if Theo Riddick has recovered fully because they don't seem to be passing to him very much.
  18. I think New England can do that because they are so deep. They take chances and see if something sticks. Secondly they have great leaders and a winning tradition. When you are winning it is easier to keep everyone in line, IMO>
  19. I guess my assumption to get him would be if they trade him right after reinstatement before he plays. I could see a new coach/GM wanting to clean house and get more draft picks. If he's given a chance by Cleveland than of course he is going to either succeed or get waived. Why would anyone want him then? At that point, if Cleveland waives you after they gave him a shot, he would be worthless to most of not all teams. This is all hypothetical, we are not going to get him most likely.
  20. Of course there would be a greater need if CJ retired, but regardless of that I would not count on him to be any more than a fourth receiver. If he works out, great, but I wouldn't want to count on him for anything more. If you do and think he's the answer then the Lions would be in big trouble when he gets caught again.
  21. For a sixth or seventh round pick maybe. I would only count on him for a fourth receiver. He just can't be trusted imo. At least with a sixth or seventh rounder it would be a low risk move. If Gordon has changed it may be a good pick up. It would be a Patriot type move for sure.
  22. I agree. Other than opening day you can almost always buy tickets on stubhub cheaper than face value.
  23. I think it was much sooner. I got in at 10:05, could not get 2 together. I bought 1 ticket and then immediately got back in and could not buy another single ticket.
  24. I was able to get 1 opening day ticket. Wonder what the wife is going to say.....
  25. I think you will get your wish on Monday.
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