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  1. And the environment was completely different. Nowadays the numbers involved are astronomical, whereas back then we were talking millions of dollars, now we're talking billions. In the 70's profit was based on attendance, nowadays, attendance is probably way behind network deals, and marketing of the name (ie. jersey sales, etc.). Back in the 70's there was no such thing as official jerseys and various other forms of merchandise. If you were at the ballpark you could buy a hat and a pennent and that was about it.
  2. As long as Berry doesn't strike out every AB, I could live with that. Ol' Perry not being used in pressure situations is worth getting rid of to me.
  3. As great as the 15 K game is, JV's one-hitter was definetely a more exciting game as a whole.
  4. Ain't that the truth. Furthermore, has a concert ever actually sounded good in a baseball stadium? I get it, you're trying to bilk as many people as possible out of money, so a 43,000 seat venue sounds like a great place, but the accoustics of the places are terrible. God forbid a rock star has to work a little harder and do 2 shows and actually let the sound be halfway decent.
  5. Why would you need 6 doors on a pickup truck? That's not even getting into hauling, its only a 29,000 LB GVWR and a 30,000 lb towing capacity. Sheesh, if your gonna get something that big and ostentatious get a Mack, at least you'll be able to haul something.
  6. LED = Light Emitting Diode I hear black and white TVs are making a comeback!
  7. How could I have not heard of this before? Just the winning names over the years are enough to make you laugh so hard your neighbors will be concerned! MSN.com Name of the Year Name of the Year: Names of the Year
  8. and agree to put gravy on your fries... Either the tunnel or the bridge will work fine, its really a matter of preference. I agree with Oblong about the ride down Riverside Dr. is nice, but getting to the tunnel through downtown Detroit on a Sunday morning is a piece of cake. I took the train to Toronto years back and it was awesome! Enjoy your trip.
  9. If he did that he'd win GM of the year every year. They might even rename the award after him!
  10. Got rid of Joba for the rest of the season?
  11. They really need to hire better writers... The scoreboard does look awesome though! High definition goodness, at last!
  12. That's not too bad. A broken bone is better than a broken eye.
  13. Yeah. Without his design of the horse-drawn hoe, a modern plough for my tractor may not have been invented yet. Sorry, I had to. My uncle is a huge fan and everytime he mentions them, I have to make a reference to the 17th century farmer.
  14. Who's this Brandon Inge guy? I've been following the team for years and have never heard a peep about or from this guy...
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