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  1. Actually I will post one more thing, going forward: I agree with Shelton.
  2. Honestly, I decided a month or two ago that I spend too much time on this board for what I was getting out of it and I should stop. Unfortunately, when I got bored I still checked in. But maybe that filter I usually have is gone because I don't care anymore. Or maybe I hated myself for logging back on and that seeped into my posting. At any rate, all of that is my problem and I've taken the proper steps (hopefully) to avoid this place in the future. Not to sound dramatic, and everything is fine, but I won't be posting here in the future. Sorry for yesterday.
  3. I will agree that our conversations have been a travesty. Really a ****ty discourse. Neither one of us seems to be able to let something go especially when it's trivial. Definitely not worth either of our time.
  4. half your posts in this thread are about how much it sucks when teams tank and fans suck that root for them to lose and blah blah blah. and how terrible it'd be if we got rid of someone to save money because you don't care about money. give me a break. you're being a wet blanket.
  5. I hound people when they're dicks. I will fully admit that. I was joking earlier but you took it seriously so I went with it. But this is you in this thread: Hey we got the #1 pick! Lee: actually, that sucks. Hey, some team might foolishly take Znn! Lee: actually, that sucks.
  6. Who is moralizing? Give me a break. Owners are greedy billionaires, to think money doesn't matter to them is kind of ridiculous. That's the reality we live in.
  7. Yes, I remember you complaining every year about the draft order.
  8. I guess not, but you seem to be kicking and screaming more than others. I mean we get the #1 overall draft pick and a month later you propose changing the draft rules! What is that?!! That's not being a Tigers fan! That's the opposite!
  9. Hey, I'm not going to lie, I thought it was great that our owner was spending more of his own money than everyone else. But he's passed, and Chris is not Mike. And now we have contracts that you couldn't pay teams $50M to take, and an owner that's just like 28 of the other 29 MLB owners. That's just reality for us now, same as it is for 28 other teams. Get used to it, or I guess start watching the Dodgers. Altho it wouldn't surprise me if they cut $50M from their payroll between now and 2019.
  10. I mean look at this list. 25/30 teams made over $10M in 2016, and most made a lot more. ****, Houston's owner didn't want to take on a majority of JV's salary until the clubhouse half revolted and an act of god guilted him into it.
  11. That sounds nice and your rant was great but actual evidence has shown Mike Ilitch was the exception, not the rule. You might be right with some random sheikh buying a soccer team, but American owners want to make money. They are far more like Stan Kroenke than Sheikh Mansour. It's all about the bottom line.
  12. I often wonder why I bother posting here, Shelton is always right and says it better than I do.
  13. I think that money would have been spent somewhere and Max was the most likely candidate.
  14. If they hadn't signed Prince they probably extend Max. Probably would have signed Cespedes too.
  15. It's not that they chose the wrong players (other than Zimmermann), it's that they gave them too much money for too long. Like it or not, money matters.
  16. Nobody was saying they couldn't go over the luxury tax, just that it would have been out of line with market/owner expectations, and that it'd probably come back to bite them. Which it has. As far as the budget goes, whatever bad salary they can get rid of means they have that much more to spend under budget. Just because we don't or didn't know the budget, or don't care about budgets, doesn't make that less true.
  17. Don't pick a perspective. When I or Shelton or anyone say finances should be considered with player X, saying you are coming from a fan's perspective does nothing to further the discussion. Maybe argue why money wouldn't or shouldn't matter instead of saying you don't like it and it's your opinion and that's that. I don't think you can argue beyond that, other than 'it's not my money lol.' That argument always reminds me of the analogy of a bratty little kid demanding the latest gaming system from their parents for Christmas. It seems entitled. If you want to get in a general discussion about the impact of money on MLB, that's great. It impacts all 30 teams and is a form of competitive balance. Should there be no luxury tax? I mean after all, how is it fair that Steinbrenner can't sign who he wants without getting taxed? Are the Dodgers PSG-lite? How do some other AL central fans feel about the Tigers free-spending ways in recent years. Was that fair? As far as fan attitude, you often describe a fan's (your) perspective as one who wants to win every single game, wants the owner to spend unlimited monies, etc. That's a pretty unrealistic attitude to have, and I don't think too many fans have that attitude. Why should we care if we only win 63 games instead of 70? Especially when winning 63 games means we could get better players to help us win 90 instead of 83 down the road. Most of us realize the team and the owner and the franchise situation is different than it was a few years ago. None of us care how much money Ilitch makes, but there's general reality about how owners run their teams financially, and our expectations fall in line with that.
  18. If you want to get down to it, what pisses me off is when you willingly dumb down your argument to that of a 'fan.' You're basically not using all the data available, and it makes your argument less intelligent, while also belittling fans in general. Furthermore, 'fans' with the attitude you describe aren't around right now, so you're missing your audience.
  19. Upton was basically a salary dump. The prospects they got were meh. Maybin was a salary dump. And of course the reason why prospects are valuable? $$$. If Fulmer was making $10M a year he'd have been dealt. I think the vast majority people, and all MLB FO types, that look at roster building look at the situation the Tigers are going through and see 2 current goals: trim payroll (since we're not contending) and acquire talent that will be good and cheap a few years from now. The ultimate goal is of course to have a lot of talent and a small payroll at the same time. Then you can spend money and get more talent that helps a playoff or world series push. . If you want to say that *today*, money doesn't matter as much....well that is truer today than it has been other days, but only because Victor, Miggy, and Znn can't functionally be moved, and JV and JUp have already been moved. Ian Kinsler will be moved largely because of his contract, both term and value, and we will not get as much back because he's going to make $11M vs. $5M. Today, Victor and Znn probably wouldn't get $5M combined. Their contracts *are* irrelevant as far as making trades. But not because money is irrelevant, because they're irrelevant players. I can tell you the hope/plan for Znn, and it looks pretty similar to the plan for Upton a year ago: hope he pitches well enough that you can trade him and not have to eat the entire salary. That's it. The best-case scenario is you deal him and $10M per season and the team gives you a meh prospect so the Tigers PR department can lie that it's not a salary dump.
  20. It's quite a bold move to assert that money doesn't and hasn't pertained to the Tigers a few months after they traded a guy now asking for $200M and 2 guys with $150M combined remaining on their deals.
  21. I think if they had an average payroll, they would have supplemented last year's roster better. For example, if Anibal and Victor hadn't signed their horrible deals, they probably sign somebody that would have won them several more games. Then they probably are close enough in July to the wildcard that they don't trade JD and subsequently AA, JWil, JV and JUp. . I'm saying contracts and payroll is an integral part of the MLB off-season and roster construction. You can ignore it, but it'd be like ignoring bullpens while watching a game. Hey, maybe you don't like relief pitchers, but they're still a part of the game, and ignoring them is pretty stupid. And don't talk to me about giving advice on how people contribute to the board. You're the one that got butt-hurt that people wanted the Tigers to lose to get a high draft pick. I hesitate to bring that up because you'll probably drone on about it for another week now.
  22. Ilitch's signings very clearly mattered. When 2017 rolled around and they spent little and traded away anybody making money that they could deal. Money and budget impacts and has impacted the plans of the front office. You don't have to care about it, but then you aren't really contributing anything to the off-season discussion.
  23. Yeah, to ignore the impact of money is just sticking your head in the ground and ignoring reality. You don't have to care while you're watching a game, but if you're in an off-season thread it's kinda relevant just a bit if you want to have a grounded discussion.
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