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  1. Actually I will post one more thing, going forward: I agree with Shelton.
  2. Honestly, I decided a month or two ago that I spend too much time on this board for what I was getting out of it and I should stop. Unfortunately, when I got bored I still checked in. But maybe that filter I usually have is gone because I don't care anymore. Or maybe I hated myself for logging back on and that seeped into my posting. At any rate, all of that is my problem and I've taken the proper steps (hopefully) to avoid this place in the future. Not to sound dramatic, and everything is fine, but I won't be posting here in the future. Sorry for yesterday.
  3. I will agree that our conversations have been a travesty. Really a ****ty discourse. Neither one of us seems to be able to let something go especially when it's trivial. Definitely not worth either of our time.
  4. half your posts in this thread are about how much it sucks when teams tank and fans suck that root for them to lose and blah blah blah. and how terrible it'd be if we got rid of someone to save money because you don't care about money. give me a break. you're being a wet blanket.
  5. I hound people when they're dicks. I will fully admit that. I was joking earlier but you took it seriously so I went with it. But this is you in this thread: Hey we got the #1 pick! Lee: actually, that sucks. Hey, some team might foolishly take Znn! Lee: actually, that sucks.
  6. Who is moralizing? Give me a break. Owners are greedy billionaires, to think money doesn't matter to them is kind of ridiculous. That's the reality we live in.
  7. Yes, I remember you complaining every year about the draft order.
  8. I guess not, but you seem to be kicking and screaming more than others. I mean we get the #1 overall draft pick and a month later you propose changing the draft rules! What is that?!! That's not being a Tigers fan! That's the opposite!
  9. Hey, I'm not going to lie, I thought it was great that our owner was spending more of his own money than everyone else. But he's passed, and Chris is not Mike. And now we have contracts that you couldn't pay teams $50M to take, and an owner that's just like 28 of the other 29 MLB owners. That's just reality for us now, same as it is for 28 other teams. Get used to it, or I guess start watching the Dodgers. Altho it wouldn't surprise me if they cut $50M from their payroll between now and 2019.
  10. I mean look at this list. 25/30 teams made over $10M in 2016, and most made a lot more. ****, Houston's owner didn't want to take on a majority of JV's salary until the clubhouse half revolted and an act of god guilted him into it.
  11. That sounds nice and your rant was great but actual evidence has shown Mike Ilitch was the exception, not the rule. You might be right with some random sheikh buying a soccer team, but American owners want to make money. They are far more like Stan Kroenke than Sheikh Mansour. It's all about the bottom line.
  12. I often wonder why I bother posting here, Shelton is always right and says it better than I do.
  13. I think that money would have been spent somewhere and Max was the most likely candidate.
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