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  1. It's not impossible. Santiago is pulling up past third just before the ball reaches Moreland. Real-time camera switches do not lie. Even running through that sign, Santiago is half-way home when Moreland throws the ball from less than 90 feet.
  2. Hate Santiago for not being fast enough. Hate Kelly for hitting a ball that bounced straight to Cruz. Hate Cruz for launching a missile to Moreland. Don't hate Lamont for making the right play. Ramon would have been dead meat on home plate had he run that stop sign. Dead. Meat.
  3. I can not root for the Yankees under any circumstances.
  4. The last thing Yankee Fan wants is Tiger Fan putting his paw on his shoulder.
  5. I doubt that 1 in 1,000 college kids have even an inkling of what they want to study when they arrive there. They just want to be told what to do, so they can be told what to do after they graduate by somebody else. I cannot imagine how we have tolerated an educational system like this for the past 40-or-so years. So we have the hirers and the hired. The hired should not complain about this arrangement if their expectation is to simply "get a job after college." What a grand presumption that is. I tell kids to make their own jobs; they can create one perfectly suited for themselves. And everyone can be an entrepreneur, even if they work at a job.
  6. People do this without a facking clue what they are going to study first more often. And I mentioned nothing about college in my post in the first place.
  7. I tell kids to follow their hearts and not their pocketbooks. Do what you love to do and you will be wealthy. I think that the opportunty in this country, in spite of the economy, is virtually boundless, if people would look within for the answers rather than at anybody but themselves. Doing that is the start to reversing even the most dire of circumstances that I have read from the people posting their situations online.
  8. I wonder if Mickey Mantle's 535th home run was considered "clutch."
  9. I just love the fact that Yankee Fan can lament about all the times in this game their hitters failed them, the "if-onlys" they can replay in their minds for the next several decades. They were expecting to win that game; it was all there for the taking and then snatched away.
  10. Cabrera is 1.46, Martinez .69 and Inge .93 for 2011 in the "clutch" column. Seems this is a relative measurement against each player's individual "context-neutral" at bats. Makes more sense when you factor in WPA/LI for 2011. Cabrera: 5.46 Martinez: 2.46 Inge: -1.76 Cabrera is more often faced with higher leverage situations and delivers in them more consistenly than Inge or even Martinez. I needed to spend 15 minutes on Fangraphs to learn that one? The learning here is that Inge's .93 clutch rating is skewed by a smaller sample size due to his negative WPA/Li.
  11. McCarver needs a replacement, and Francona seems like the next best solution. I'd be worried if I were McCarver, because Francona might actually make sense in what he says.
  12. Who is this "Lee" person that everyone is slagging?
  13. What I said earlier in fewer words.
  14. Billy Martin relied on "The Hat" once. It worked for him.
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