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  1. I get it, when taken in context with the "misdiagnosis" article, which has comments Verlander apparently thought were off the record. Goes to credibility (at least in Verlander's mind). I still think Verlander overreacted, though he's within his rights to refuse one-on-one interviews, and think the Astros were heavy-handed (and wrong) in banning Fenech and the Freep.
  2. I'm really looking forward to The Circle (trailer here) and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
  3. I've been enjoying Criminal Minds, Shadowhunters (not great quality but entertaining), and Supernatural. I'm the same age as Sam now. smh.
  4. I stopped coming around because I forgot my password.
  5. The Tigers will win 86 games and squeak in as the second wild card, and then cruise to the ALCS where they fall to Cleveland in six. JDM will hit 40 homers. Mikie Mahtook and Tyler Collins will man CF for most of the year and be adequate. Anthony Gose is never heard from again.
  6. I disagree. I think they're looking at Avila and McCann as a LH/RH platoon, and McCann will make the Opening Day roster. Doesn't hurt that he's outplaying Holaday by a large margin so far.
  7. I didn't really read much into Nathan's comments (and think most of the "character" stuff is overblown) so I don't really care about that. He kind of reminds me of Inge, in that I don't think he means to come off as arrogant or an a-hole, but can't keep from putting his foot in his mouth. I do think they'll probably end up cutting ties with him at some point. They'll be paying him no matter what, so money shouldn't really be an obstacle. I get wanting to see if he has anything left, but even when he has a scoreless outing he looks awful.
  8. I'd be open to trading one or two guys off the 25-man roster, like Anibal or Kinsler/Suárez/etc. but a complete tearing down of the organization seems unnecessary. I thought Dickerson made a good point that as long as DD has Verlander and Cabrera, he's not going to surround them with "lesser talent." He's going to try and support them.
  9. That seems rather ill-advised. Also, remember that Joba threw his most innings since 2010, his first full season in the bullpen. He wore down.
  10. Alright here's my offseason wishlist: - Let Scherzer and Hunter walk - Re-sign VMart - sign Brandon McCarthy - look into a CF - look into a platoon C - sign all the relievers you can get your hands on
  11. Also I was pretty vocal in my criticism of Ausmus on twitter, but I'd give him one more season with a hopefully improved roster. Also I do not want Gibby, Gardy, Wash, or any of their ilk. Give me Torey Lovullo.
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