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  1. Jiminez career 1-2 with a 5.63 ERA vs Detroit. Ubaldo Jimenez - Colorado Rockies - Split Statistics - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
  2. It seems that ubaldo hasn't been right since last year's all star break. Anybody have stats of him pitching against AL teams?
  3. Weren't the Mariners asking for Ramos for Cliff Lee a month ago and the Twins said no to that?
  4. I am trying to remember how the rest of the league and the Tigers internally reacted to when Shelton was so hot that one year. If they were saying the same things as they said about Boesch. Anybody remember?
  5. Right up there or better than the Polanco trade?
  6. From rotoworld. Joel Sherman says he's hearing the "Rangers are working really hard" on Cliff Lee now. A Lee trade would be a much bigger gamble for the Rangers than the Yankees, considering that they'd face far longer odds in re-signing him this winter and they'd be far from locks to reach the World Series even with an ace at the top of their rotation. If the Mariners had the chance to get Jesus Montero from the Yankees and didn't take it, they're likely to insist on Justin Smoak and more from Texas.
  7. Would anybody think that Lee would be the #1 over Verlander?
  8. Cliff Lee Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports that the "Mariners are backing off" the Yankees' offer for Cliff Lee and that it doesn't look like the "Yankees are in it." Shocking if true, since it seemed like a done deal all afternoon. The Mariners were believed to be receiving Jesus Montero, David Adams and Zach McAllister for Lee. Sherman says the Mariners were concerned about Adams' ankle and that another team has stepped up with a big offer.
  9. Javier Vazquez seems to pitch better in the NL for whatever reason. ESPN is having a field day this week. Big LeBron crap and now it will be all Cliff Lee all the time and how nobody can beat the Yankees now
  10. I thought several NBA teams were all hurting for money from the economy. Apparently, that isn't the case with all these max contracts
  11. What was the brand and model of the camera you used?
  12. The Twins broadcast guy Blyleven commented a batter before this happened, that Zumaya has been pretty much exclusively fastballs the past few games and hasn't thrown hardly any off speed pitches at all, which that did seem odd that Zumaya would only do fastballs and nothing else right now. I hope it wasn't a case where he did feel something out of sorts the past few games and didn't tell the trainers about it thinking he can man up or something like that.
  13. Twins' one worry on the way back home: pitching | StarTribune.com
  14. Is it possible Boesch will be in the mix for that that extra All Star Voting that takes place after the All Star rosters have been set?
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