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  1. No clue. But if they took him in the 7th they have every intention of making a big push. They picked some under slot guys in the top 10 to clear some $ around.
  2. As it relates to the minors, I think the Latin American market is their strength. But they have a different strategy than most. Rather than sign the bigger names for more money, they play the odds and sign more guys for more reasonable sums. Danry Vasquez was the last and only guy they ever inked for $1M+. While this strategy frustrates casual fans (like me) on July 2 when all the big names are picked up by other teams, this does seem to work out over the long term. Willy Adames was a key cog in the David Price trade, for example. Avisail Garcia is another more recent example.
  3. To add, Jose Azocar, Gregory Soto, Sandy Baez, and Eduardo Jimenez are ones to watch when the GCL and NYPenn leagues start.
  4. Great post. Aside from Hill and now Burrows, Nick Shumpert has a VERY high ceiling. But a very low floor like the other two too. To answer your latter question, Julio Martinez in the DSL probably is the best Tigers prospect outside of the U.S. right now. High profile July 2nd signing last year. Those four, plus Christin Stewart, have the 5 highest ceilings in the system...but great bust potential too. Out of the VSL, I like Luis Torrealba and Anthony Pereira and Elys Escobar. From the DSL I like Hector Martinez. Not sure about the pitchers that young, but lots of projectable throwers. In the U.S., I still like Turnbull, Ziomek, and Shepherd. Losing hope for Moya. As a whole, this is still a woefully thin system. I do like the "top 5" I mentioned above, but probably every team has 5 guys with the same/higher ceiling and much closer to it. That said, there is a sliver of hope.
  5. Yeah that was a great catch. And man, that girl can pitch. Good for her.
  6. I'm a huge Rod supporter as well. He certainly will not wow you with his baseball knowledge, but you know that going in, and that's fine. I get why people harp on him given that some (many) of his comments are way off the mark for serious baseball fans - but his job is to entertain, and I think he is very good at it. I love his passion for the game and how excited he and Mario get, for example, during plays like Miggy's HR yesterday. I could listen to those two all day. Love them. Also, I never heard this before, but I liked Rod's comment yesterday that Jackson "has to set the table so the big boys can eat." Hilarious.
  7. The big hitters got it going today: Castellanos 2-3 with 2 doubles and 2 BB (1 K) Collins 3-5 with a double Danry Vasquez 3-3 with a BB
  8. Agreed - thanks a lot. Definitely need to keep these going throughout the year, even if it takes a group effort! In early news, Steven Moya in his first at bat is already 1/12th to his walk total from last year. Tyler Collins just keeps hitting - I really like his offensive game.
  9. My picks: Danry Vasquez and Kyle Ryan. I do like the Brenny Paulino darkhorse pick.
  10. And from the BA chat: Dale (Detroit): What is Brenny Paulino's ceiling? Does he have top of the rotation potential? Ben Badler: It's as high as his offspeed stuff will take him. There wasn't a starter in that league with a better fastball, and there might even be more in there given his age and body type. In the DSL last year and even this year, his fastball is so explosive that he can just blow it by hitters, so he just hasn't had the need to refine his secondary pitches, but they're making progress. But it's absolutely a huge arm with a high ceiling.
  11. New draftees Harrison (DH) and Gibson (CF) getting the starts for the GCL Tigers.
  12. There are only 15 or so games left. I bet he makes a few starts just like Castellanos did last year (5 or 6 games).
  13. True - if one is going to assume Oliveros is a bullpen staple for the next 6 years (a best case scenario), the assumption might as well also be made that a healthy Delmon Young (still only 25) will be able to come close to his 2010 season.
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