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  1. I have no pictures, just radio: so could someone tell me who's playing left tackle? And how badly?
  2. In France - département 90 - right hand side, half way up; used to be part of Alsace?
  3. I'm not sure it really matters how good they are this season. The whole of this needs to be about creating something two or three years down the line. There are so many areas of weakness it's going to take a while - and I'm not convinced that now is the time to panic: let it be and try and build. Injuries to Crosby and then Decker are bad luck. It happens.
  4. So, someone offered to answer questions via e-mail, but didn't leave any contact details! According to the lad, that'd be great - but whoever it was can e-mail him at [email protected] if they're still happy to do so. He reckons it was someone from Michigan, so it's likely it's one of you! Thanks.
  5. Thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out Eoin's survey - he really appreciates it and says thank you! If there's anyone else who's got the time to do so - or volunteer for an interview (you don't need to do both!) - he'd be really appreciative.
  6. All this talk of bounties reminded me to dig out my old The Men They Couldn't Hang stuff: I saw them on that tour at Reading probably. Either that or the following one. Bugger - the hair cuts alone make me feel old.
  7. From my newspaper today: That's just doubling down on the stereotype there Oklahoma.
  8. Either saber-type approaches or great player management can work - and work well at times. Both, together can also work well. So can throwing a truck load of money at it - bit not always. A tonne of this sort of stuff seems to be a bit random when it comes down to it.
  9. Thank you. That explains an awful lot of the things I was wondering quietly about.
  10. Laughing is pushing it. Shaking our heads and wondering what the bejesus you're all on, sure.
  11. I imagine it as a mug, full, hot, milky with four sugars. I don't think I ever heard of anyone chucking a tea pot around. Tea urns, yes (so, 30 litre (err, 75 pint?) metal containers that have hot water in). Nasty.
  12. The throwing around of tea cups was is a football manager thing here. People like Alex Ferguson, amongst others, had a reputation for going a bit mental at half-time. Quite how apocryphal it is I don't know, but it's entered into football lore as a thing. No idea what they do in these days of pumpkin spiced lattes.
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