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  1. I drove out about an hour to the north today. We live in an area that's not overly populated in the most part, and we have all these old churches stuck in the middle of nowhere - remnants of medieval England before the Black Death wiped out a third of the population and then industrialisation and rural isolation had everyone else move. These are at Haveringland - somewhere I'd never been before (Google map; or an OS map). I only had my phone with me, so the quality could be better and the light was meh, but anyway. The round tower is 11th century with Roman roof tiles embedded in it apparently. It's stuck at the end of a taxiway from a WW2 airfield. There's lots of both of these round here.
  2. I'm actually fascinated by which wildlife. I just have a vision of an alligator stalking through the parsley 🙂
  3. My garden's full of flat parsley this time of year - grows like a weed, stops other weeds growing and tastes fantastic. Highly recommended, although I have no idea if it would survive northern winters.
  4. It's things like dates on milk that cause some problems for me. And substitutions that don't always make complete sense - don't give me pizza with mushrooms on; my kid won't eat them. But it's taken a lot of the hassle out of shopping and I'll keep doing it, even if it's the bulk things mainly.
  5. "Oh, that's a shame, I think we have a family wedding that weekend in Random, Idaho"
  6. Basing an extrapolation on 7 days when the UK climate is extremely variable and so dependent on Atlantic weather systems and the relationship between air masses, really doesn't help. We had a storm come in and follow up with a Polar Maritime air stream during that period. The warm front that passed over last night has caused today's much warmer temperatures. All the rain associated with it means my allotment is getting a lot easier to dig mind you.
  7. I've been gardening in shirt sleeves for most of the afternoon so far and we were sat outside with the patio doors open last month - talked to a friend up the road whilst she was sipping cocktails on her patio. Forecast for today says 20 degrees (68 in imperial measures for your benefit); doesn't get below average all week here. We also had the second driest April since the 1650s in my part of the country. All those clear skies led to night frosts on 29 days as well - which produced the cold average. Once it warmed up it was warm enough to be out without a jumper on for sure. I'm not sure that electroverse is exactly the most reliable and balanced source out there fwiw - there's a history of making stuff up - see this, for example - whereas others have suggested it's scientific quackery. And, fwiw, it's poor to be talking about snow in Scotland in the middle of an article that's headlined as English weather... Seriously: gotta do better than that.
  8. Common as anything here. The first football ground I ever went to had them - old school ones with no roof on the "building". That would have been in the 70s. Last time I visited the ground, maybe in 2010, they were still there - unchanged. Reduces the smell issue I suppose, although in heavy rain I've no idea what you were standing in.
  9. I had to look this up, obviously, as I've not seen it for years, but that was the second episode Madness played on.
  10. Now, that's one where, frankly, they were just wrong. Felicity Kendall in the Good Life was smoking hot.
  11. The 5th round and a 4th next year for 113 and something in the 250s
  12. We've had three or four snow flurries here today, about four hours south and east of Leeds - ridiculous weather to start playing cricket in. Coldest I've eve been was watching a mid April match at Leicester a few years ago - drove through snow to get there and then had seven layers on and was still cold. Not the weather to be trying to stand still and catch a hard ball in.
  13. Most county cricket is streamed free on club websites/YouTube - certainly all of the 4-day stuff which has just started. So, I'd watch on https://www.kentcricket.co.uk - other counties are, of course, inferior but also available... I guess it might be geofenced, but I don't think so - there's always the option of using a VPN if necessary. Usually uses BBC radio commentary, which is often a bit rambling but that's clearly the best way to listen. Matches are almost always 11am to 18:30ish. Iirc T20 matches are most often available on there as well - apart from the ones Sky decides to televise in general. But that would only be one game, so there'd almost certainly be another available. The 100 when it starts is all televised I think, so I doubt there'd be a feed. But the BBC is due to show some matches so, with a VPN, you could catch that if you wanted to.
  14. You'd be right at home - snow covered the outfield during one match yesterday.
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